some near to DX logs
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some near to DX logs

This message is sent by Zacharias Liangas <zliangas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

4450 V of NAtl Salvation ( tentative) w corean operas  then ONM and 
YL  spkg  at 2025  After 2026 a QRM in 4447  by jammer

4460 CPBS-1 ( //7935)  in 2927 w  traditional sx  then Lue Xin YUe  
@2030  by OM  anncmnt bt  international  msx Sig 1x132  QRMed by  
4465  w Jammer 

5800  R UKraine ( supose subharmonic  freq )  w priogs  in GG //4820 

9665 RRI (tentative) w discussions @0958 in Rom  then w rom sx Signal 
abt 22342

Zacharias Liangas
DX sejak 72
anggota World DC club 2104 

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