Irish Overseas Broadcasting
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Irish Overseas Broadcasting

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QSL item

Irish Overseas Broadcasting, 5875 kHz (U.K. BBC Relay), party detailed card
#1091 (time missing) in three months, QTH: P.O. Box 4950, Dublin 1, Ireland;
handwritten text saying: "Sorry about delay as we are only a group of
enthusiasts pushing to have a full time service commence. - Just last week
RTE decided to use WWCR Nashville USA (100 kW) to relay daily news at 1000
UTC on 5.065 MHz, 1930 UTC on 12.160 MHz (30 min txsm)"

So, Ireland now in some way is on the Tropical Bands... I really wonder how
WWCR has convinced the FCC that Nashville is located in an geographic area
that allows them to use that 60m frequency. Can anyone explain that to me?

Reproduction welcomed, name the source.

Best whishes to all of you out there in the net! Activity seem to have
calmed down quite a bit. Did I miss the reason for that during my stay in LA?

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