(Fwd) Dxing with Cumbre
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(Fwd) Dxing with Cumbre

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Cumbre DX' Hans Johnson asked me to post this.  We hope you all 
listen and enjoy it.

"A new Dx Show"
 by Hans Johnson
No sooner had I written up last month's piece when the name of
Jihad Dx was changed to Cumbre Dx (Cumbre means pinnacle in
Spanish).  More importantly, there is now a new Dx Show on the
air called "DX'ing with Cumbre."  The host of the show will be
Marie Lamb, who is already famous as the Voice of NASWA.  The
show will not only feature tips from the Cumbre Dx newsletter
but will also serve as an educational forum for Dxers.  Dxing
with Cumbre will be broadcast on the following schedule:
WHRI    FRIDAY          2330 UTC        5745khz
        SATURDAY        0600 UTC        7315, 5760 khz
        SUNDAY          0430 UTC        5760 khz
        SATURDAY        2330 UTC        9495 khz
KWHR    SATURDAY         0500 UTC        9930 khz
        SATURDAY         1200 UTC        9930 khz
        SUNDAY           1300 UTC        9930 khz
        MONDAY           0330 UTC        17510 khz
The team at Cumbre Dx would like to thank the folks at WHRI for
their support as well as Larry Magne and the folks at Passport to
World Band Radio for their help.   The Cumbre Dx team would
also like to thank Rich McVicar and the folks at HCJB for all
of their support.
Marie Lamb is interested in your loggings, news, audio tapes
of catches and comments on the show.  Dxing with Cumbre would
also like to receive written or taped segments emphasizing
different aspects of the hobby.  For instance, on ECSS techniques
or Dxing during Ramadan would be examples.  You can reach Marie
by e-mail at:  internet:malamb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by fax at (315) 699 0527
and by snail mail at:
               Marie Lamb
               c/o WAER Radio
               215 University Place
               Syracuse, NY 13244-2110
We are very excited about the show and are confident that it
will be a "don't miss it" type of program.


Chuck Rippel

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