Kiwa MW loop
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Kiwa MW loop

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Re Harald Kuhl's request for information on the Kiwa MW loop: I have been
using the antenna for a couple of months now and I'm quite happy with its
quality of construction and size. As to performance, I'm not really
qualified to judge how it compares to other MW antennas (it's my first loop,
you see). Compared to the 15 m wire / Datong AD 370 combination I have been
using, the Kiwa delivers stronger signals and being directive helps reduce
interference. Nulling unwanted strong signals is actually rather easy and
straightforward. This autumn I was able to hear my first transatlantic
stations using the Kiwa loop.

The antenna is available in Europe through Lowe and their representatives
(e.g. Doeven Electronics in The Netherlands).

Alexander Koutamanis

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