Pacific DX Report over KTWR
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Pacific DX Report over KTWR

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>From Bob Padula, Australian Radio DX Club.

Pacific DX Report - KTWR Guam.

The ARDXC provides weekly input for the Pacific DX Report, broadcast
over KTWR Guam Sats 0815 on 15200, Sats 0940 on 11830, and Mondays
1615 on 11580. Special ARDXC QSLs are available. As the co-producer
of the ARDXC segment (Mick Ogrizek is the other co-producer) I am
concerned at the relatively poor response to our QSL offer, with
only a handful of reports being received since the programme began
in November 1995. Whilst KTWR's primary audienc is Asia, Far East,
Pacific, and Indian sub-continent, I believe that there would be a
substantial audience further afield, particularly in Europe and
Africa. I'e be interested in knowing whether any hard-core-DX people
heard the programme on Saturday 30 December, and if so, the quality
of reception. I believe that 11580 is QRMd by WEWN co-channel and
this may be the reason for the lack of response!


Bob Padula
ARDXC (Melbourne)
E-mail: CompuServe 100026,262

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