Midsummer SW DX from SE Australia!
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Midsummer SW DX from SE Australia!

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FROM:     Bob Padula, Surrey Hills, Victoria,Australia.
          E-Mail: CompuServe 100026,262


ANTENNA: 5 Mhz dipole.

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                          ARDXC E-Net

The following summary of observations reflects the annual
appearance of two distinctive mid-summer daytime HF reception
modes - ASD (Asian daytime mode) and AFD (African daytime mode),
where 0200 UTC corresponds to local noon here in Melbourne. In
late December, local sunrise in Melbourne is 1800 UTC, and local
sunset is 1130 UTC. Our night is actually 6.5 hours in length!
Further observations will be made throughout January for the ASD
and AFD Modes, as in past years, these Modes peaked in mid-

All times and dates are in UTC. *1600...sign-on at 1600; -
1600*..sign-off at 1600. Language abbreviations are as prescribed
by ARDXC. LP=long-path.

Note: This is a summary of general shortwave reception
observations, monitored by the author (Bob Padula - BP), during
December 1995. It is being forwarded to hard-core-DX and to all
recipients on the ARDXC E-Net as an indication of mid-summer
reception in south eastern Australia, for the general interest
and comment of the global DXing community. Reproduction is
permitted, for non-commercial purposes, subject to any conditions
imposed by hard-core-DX, or by the ARDXC E-Net. These notes will
be incorporated in the Oz-Trail column of the hard-copy
Australian DX News, of the Australian Radio DX Club, scheduled
for mailing on 17 January 1996.


It is my intention to publish a further discussion paper in the
Australian DX News describing the Mid-Summer Daytime Shortwave
Reception Modes. These Modes have been noted for a great many
years but have not been satisfactorily explained by classical
radio propagation theory. Both Modes exhibit transmission
characteristics similar to conventional propagation over darkness
paths, except that transmission is via circuits of up to 8000 km
in total daylight, on freqs as low as 6 MHz, at local noon, in
mid-summer, here in south eastern Australia. In earlier years,
the Asian Mode was apparent on frequencies as low as 4.7 mHz at
local noon at the receiving locality, in mid-summer, with
transmission via the probable short-path of some 8000 km. The
Midday African Mode is generally represented by strong signals
from East and Central Africa, between 0200-0400 UTC on 5,6,7, and
9 mHz, over path lengths up to 11,500 km (short path). It is
conjectured, but not yet validated, that this Mode may be via a
completely new propagation mechanism.

Hobbyists interested in this specialist field, who may wish to
correspond on the subject, are invited to contact the writer, who
is himself a long-time practising professional communications
engineer. If sufficient interest exists, I may be able to issue
copies of the Discussion Paper via E-Mail, or hard-copy, as a
special service to the DXing community, from the ARDXC. Whilst
the subject is essentially related to commercial SW broadcasting,
observations on non-commercial SW operations may also be useful,
such as utility, and amateur radio, with the frequency window
being limited to 4-12 MHz, and reception from noon until 2pm
local time in mid-summer in any location. Comparisons would be
useful for reception during the ascent, descent, peak, and
trough, of Sunspot Cycles 20, 21, and 22. My own observations
start in 1957.

I have no objection to this present material and summary being
further circulated amongst the world DXing community for wider
coverage, as I believe that the subject has not been reliably
explored or researched in a coordinated, planned manner, either
within the Clubs, or in the journals of learned and/or scientific
institutions. Available documented information is scarce.


3345 Channel Africa. NF PP to Angola *1900-2000* good level 26/12

5810 KFBS. European service, 1845-1900* Russian or similar
language, with KFBS iD at 1900, 25/12 (BP)

5890 WYFR. NF, via LP, Italian to Europe *2100-2145* 24/12 (BP)

5900 RFI.Site unknown, on extended sked 2200-2300 FF, Christmas
Eve Mass, 24/12 (BP)

5925 RCI-Sackville. LP signals, EE news analysis 2125, 24/12 (BP)

5935 Vatican. NF for morning service in CC *2210-2245* // 6065
7305 25/12 (BP)

5945 DW-Samara. RR nx 1900, all over co-channel Vienna, to 1830*
// 6010 6020 5980 Germany sites, 30/12 (BP)

6000 DW-Wertachtal. NF, RR *2100-2150* 24/12 (BP)

6015 Rome. RAI, NF, *2125-2225* Romanian, CZ, Slovak, Polish,
24/12 (BP)

6025 Kuala Lumpur. Radio Five, CC service, with extended schedule
1900-2000, possibly on 24-hrs this day, normal sked is *2200-
1600*. Telephone call-in show, with pops. 30/12 (BP)

6030 RN-Bonaire. LP, *2130 DD to SA, rarely heard here, 24/12

6090 VOA. Site unknown, CC *2200-2300* // 9545 Phils. Possibly
Udorn or Russian relay. Listed 5819 Irkutsk and 6045 Udrn
inaudible, 24/12 (BP)

6105 Amman. NF, big signal with AA svce 2000-2200, QRMing co-
channel VOA, first noted 23/12 (BP)

6150 CRI-Beijing via RFI. Adjusted use of this relay - opens at
2000 with Polish, ex 9845, QRMing co-channel Radio Australia and
Nairobi, 24/12 (BP)

6170 R. Liberty - Udorn. NF Tadzhik *1800-1900*. Morocco relay
opens 1900 with RFE-Polish, 26/12 (BP)

6200 Stockholm. NF RR 1820 to 1830* 26/12 (BP)

6245 Thessaloniki. R. Macedonia, NF, Christmas Night Festival,
GK, 2125, // 9935 25/12 (BP)

7110 Addis Ababa. Good level 1900-2000 with Home Service, local
songs, Amharic anncts, QRMing co-channel Rome, 24/12 (BP)

7115 RNI-Oslo. NF EE on Sundays *2200-2230*, 24/12 (BP)

7125 BBC-Meyerton. NF PP *0430-0500* (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

7150 Stockholm NF for Swedish *1900-1930* ex planned 7240, 8/12

7160 CRI-Beijing via RFI relay. NF, Bulgarian 1830-1900, then
continues on 7250 with Romanian from 1900. Replaces planned 6150.
Use of RFI relay appears to be: 7160 1830-1900 Bulgarian; 7250
1900-1930 Romanian, 1930-2000 Czech; 6150 2000-2030 CZ, 2030-
2200* various langs. 7160 also heard with Romanian 1900-1930
from China txer, 24/12 (BP)

7170 RCS-Singapore. f/in 0200 at our local noon, Indian language
service, songs, to 0230 (ASD) 25/12 (BP)

7185 Channel Africa-Meyerton. Fade/in 0345, day mode, rare, NF,
for FF svce, peaking to quite strong 0349 (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

7200 Omdurman. LP, Amharic anncts, local chantng 0515-0545 25/12

7225 Channel Africa. *2000 with PP, QRMing co-channel NHK and
Bucharest. This outlet usually buried but on this occasion, both
NHK and Bucharest well down 30/12 (BP)

7235 TWR via Meyerton. Fade-in 0352, EE religious px, with hymns
and discussions, unheard here before on this freq (AFD) 26/12

7245 Luanda. On extended sked, f/in 0205, Afro songs, PP, to
0300 (AFD) 25/12 (BP)

7245 Bucharest. Rarely heard outlet here, *0500 HH, LP, 16/12(BP)

7250 VOA-Rhodes. NF, AA *2000-2030* QRMing co-channel Vatican,
24/12 (BP)

7250 CRI-Beijing via RFI. NF *1930 Czech, CZ 2000-2030*, QRMing
co-channel Budapest, 24/12 (BP)

7255 Gaberone. Radio Botswana. Fade in 0345, African popular
vocals, Vernaculars anncts, to past 0400 (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

7270 R. Malaysia - Kuching. Special Christmas Day programme,
Green Network, Iban service, 0915-1000. This channel unheard for
some time, and believed to be local daytime use only, and on for
extended transmission. Children's Carols, ending with song "We
Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happpy New Year". ID in
eitherIban or Malay 1000 as "Radio Malaysia Kuching". Good level
generally. Not heard since at this time on 7270. 25/12 (BP)

7295 Kuala Lumpur. Radio Four, earlier s/on at 2100, usually
2200, EE svce, perhaps for holiday season, 27/12 (BP)

7315 DW-Novosibirsk. NF for morning Indonesian svce *2200-2250*
// 7130 also Novosibirsk, 9670 Wertachtal. Replaces 9835, 23/12

7395 TWR-Monto Carlo. NF *2025 TK, ex 7385, 16/12 (BP)

9280 Taipei. BCC-1, CC talks and songs 0430-0500 (ASD) 27/12 (BP)

9280 Taipei. BCC-Network 1, rarely heard in our daytime, 0055
fade-in, CC, // 9610 (ASD) 25/12 (BP)

9385 KHBI. NF, for EE to Asia 1830-1930 // 17510 (9370, 9355 also
audible via WSHB). Believe some freq adjustments have been made
by KHBI/WSHB and it is difficult to determnine the txer site on
some freqs, dur to similarities of propagation, unless top-of-
the hour local IDs are caught, 20/12 (BP).

9485 Bratislava. NF for RR *1830-1988), QRMing co-channel RFI,
// 7150 19/12 (BP)

9500 FEBA. NF for FF 1845-1905* 26/12 (BP)

9505 Voice of the Straight - Beijing. Network Two, inwell with
CC talks 0430-0500 (ASD) 27/12 (BP)

9510 TWR-Meyerton. *1900 Yoruba, Fulani 1930, Hausa 2000, Twi
2000-2030*, good signals 26/12 (BP)

9515 BBC-Meyerton. PP *0530-0600* (AFD) 29/12 (BP)

9520 Channel Africa - Meyerton. Very good level 0355 at s/on, FF
0400 (AFD) 26/12. Audible 0400-0600 most days (BP)

9525 RRI-Jakarta. Ext svce, audible here from tune-in at 1930,
through to s/off 2100; reopens 0030 with Spanish 0030-0100, EE
0100-0200, until s/off 0400. Big signal, and now a nuisance in
the 31mb during our daytime period, 30/12 (BP)

9535 VOA-Udorn. NF, big signal with Indonesian *2200-2330* 29/12

9535 Luanda. Good signals, FF svce 1845, continuing in EE 1900,
anouncng "This is the International Service of the Angolan
National Radio, broadcasting from Luanda". Announced list of
freqs, and advised txion was for the African Continent and
Western Europe. On that day, they had at least one listener (me!)
in Australia! 29/12 (BP)

9552 RRI-Ujung Pandang. Fade-in 0135,Indonesian vocals (ASD)
25/12. This outlet appears to sign-on 0100, and audible
throughout our local daytime until possible s/off 0700. Hetting
with 9550 Russia and Cuba at various times 25/12 (BP)

9560 CRI-Beijing via Sackville. NF with EE *0500-0557* not on
listed 9595 QRMing co-channel Ankara 29/12 (BP)

9560 Voice of Peace, Radio Amahara via Addis Ababa. LP, 0430-
0445, talks in presumed Kinyardwanda, dominant on channel, with
CRI and Ankara underneath. (AFD) 30/12 (BP)

9560 Alma Ata. Kazakh Radio, big signal via LP with External
Service in EE 0630-0700* announcing offer of QSLs and schedules.
This may not be daily, as not heard previously at this time
period. Dominant over co-channel Ankara 30/12 (BP)

9565 CRI-Beijing. NF with SS 0110, // 11650 and 9945. 9565 and
11650 in sync, but delayed as compared with 9945. Believe 9565
and 11650 are from Xian, with satellite feed, 29/12 (BP)

9580 Africa Number One, Gabon. Good level FF news 0535, LP 29/12

9585 BBC-Masirah Isl. NF *0230-0330* Persian (ASD and AFD);
Cyprus relay continues from *0330-0530* in Rr and Ukrainian;
Channel Africa co-channel completely inaudible this day! 29/12

9585 VOA-Morocco. NF Croatian *0530-0600* LP 29/12 (BP)

9590 RAI-Rome. NF and New service in Russian, *2000-2020*. No
parallel outlet traced, and this service apparently recently
introduced. Only two SW freqs scheduled at 2000 for External svce
- 7235//6030 for Scandinavian langs 25/12 (BP)

9595 NSB-Tokyo. Fade-in 0051, JJ talks // 9760 (ASD) 25/12 (BP)

9595 RFE-Gloria. Tadzhik *0200-0300*, no sign of NSB on this
occasion! 31/12 (BP)

9595 NSB-Tokyo. Fade-in 0255, JJ talks (ASD) 29/12 (BP)

9600 BBC-FES. NF,fade-in 0101 Burmese, to 0215. This freq in use
Sat and Sun *100-0215*, (ASD) 30/12 (BP)

9610 VOA-Morocco. NF *1930-2230* Albanian, S. Croatian, QRM
Vatican co-channel with its morning JJ svce 2130-2200, 26/12 (BP)

9610 Taipei. BCC-1, CC 0050 // 15270, for daytime mode, 25/12.
Audible here during most of our day, from 2200 through until
0800, txer at other times used for VOFC Eternal Service (ASD (BP)

9610 BBC-Seychelles.NF for World Service, 0425-0430* (AFD) 26/12

9615 VOA-Morocco. NF Hungarian *0530-0600* LP 29/12 (BP)

9620 Riyadh. Koran svce on NF, in well 0520, LP, // 9555 17745
29/12 (BP)

9630 Amman. AA 0500-0600+ LP, possibly reactivated channel. Can't
keep up with freq changes of this station, with some occupancies
apparently uncoordinated with other broadcasters, 29/12 (BP)

9655 Channel Africa - Meyerton. Very strong *0400 PP,
obliterating co-channel Ankara (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

9665 VOA-Morocco. NF fir AA *0400-0600* (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

9680 RRI-Jakarta. National px, fade-in 0050 (ASD) 30/12 (BP)

9685 NHK-Montsinery. LP, unusual signals, JJ 2230-2300* 30/12

9685 Ankara. Ext Svce, Serbo Croatian *1900-2000* not on planned
9655, 28/12 (BP)

9690 CRI-Beijing via Spain. Very strong, CC 0200-0230, 29/12 (BP)

9705 RRI-Pontianak. Daytime service,regional nx 0605, good level
29/12 (ASD) 29/12 (BP) Other days, WYFR dominant.

9705 Libya. Believed Sabha px, NF, AA svce with nx reports about
Yemen, 1955-2000 25/12 (BP)

9710 Vilnius. Christmas px in EE, *2000, not often heard here
25/12 (BP)

9720 SLBC-Colombo., EE svce, fade-in 0055, EE pops (ASD) 30/12

9727 Hanoi. Ext svce, Lao 0030-0058*, nominally 9730 (ASD) 30/12

9730 CRI-Beijing via Montsinery. CC 0300-0400, EE 0400-0500,
unheard previously on this outlet 26/12 (BP)

9740 BBC-Cyprus. LP, Romanian *0600, to 0645* after Teaching
English, on a Sunday, skeded this time period Sat and Sun only
31/12 (BP)

9742 RRI-Sorong. Fade-in 0140, Indonesian ballads (ASD) 25/12.
Seems to sign-on this channel at 0100, and audible right throught
our local day until 0700. There's another RRI around this
channel, at Merauke, but not heard recently.(BP)

9750 Kuala Lumpur. Ext Service, EE nx 0600, unusually early fade-
in, 29/12 (BP)

9750 VOA-Morocco. NF for Romanian *0400-0500* (AFD) 26/12 (BP)

9760 NSB-Tokyo. Fade-in 0052 JJ talks // 9595 (ASD) 25/12 (BP)

9760 CRI-Beijing via Bamako. NF for Mali relay, CC 0200-0230 not
on listed 9710 (AFD) 25/12 (BP)

9805 FEBA. NF *0300 Farsi (ASD) 25/12 (BP)

9855 Kuwait. NF, AA service, drama 1939-2000, // 9880 20/12 (BP)
6000 Warsaw. Rarely heard outlet, beginning RR 1900, into
Ukrainian 1930, 23/12 (BP)

9975 Moscow. NF for FF 1910-2000, audible at other times with
World Service in EE, site unknown, 19/12 (BP)

10060 Hanoi. Home Service, VV, Network One, 0045-0100 (ASD) 30/12

11734 Zanzibar. Reactivated, heard here since early December in
period 1900-2000*, Swahili. QRMing BBC 11730. However, not
audible every day since, as propagation variable. Have been
looking on 6014 for several weeks, but not audible in 1900-2000
period, due to co-channel Beijing (CPBS) and DW, 29/12 (BP)

11740 Rome. RAI on NF PP to Africa *2050-2100* // 9710, 24/12

11955 Luanda. Very strong level, political reports in PP 1935,
// 4950, one of very few stations audible in 25 mb at this time!
29/12 (BP)

12075 Berne. SRI on NF ex 11640, very strong with EE to Australia
0905, 17/12 (BP)

15110 Kuwait. NF, AA service, 0855, QRMing co-channel Spanish
Foreign Radio, Madrid, // 15495 also heard 18/12 (BP)

17745 Riyadh. NF for Koran px, good level 0530 // 9620 9555 29/12

(End of Summary)


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