looking for adresses
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looking for adresses

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In the last 2 years I sent receptionreports and follow up's to several
stations which never answered; most of the adresses are not in the regular
Who can help me to find the correct adresses of the following stations:

Europa Plus, Moscow (FM)
Radio ROKS, Russia several locations (FM)
Serbian Radio, Beograd (MW)
Beograd 202 (MW)
Radio Podrinja, Loznica, yugoslavia (MW)
Radio Kraljevo, Yugoslavia (MW)
Radio Osijek, Yugoslavia (MW)
WPOP Hartford,CT (MW)
WLPZ Portland, ME (MW)
Radio 15-10, Venezuela (MW)
Radio Krakow, Poland (FM)
Radio Clube de Arganil, Portugal (FM)
Radio Constanta, Roumania (FM)
Sky radio, Patras and Thessaloniki , Greece (FM)

Hope to receive some answers, wishing you all excellent conditions in 96,
73, Max van Arnhem, the Netherlands

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