Dutch pirate Radio Horizon
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Dutch pirate Radio Horizon

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I logged a Dutch pirate on 6295.6 kHz 1945-2019 UTC on 31 December. 
The QRM made IDing difficult, but on replaying the tape I'm pretty sure
it was Radio Horizon (usually a MW pirate), perhaps in conjunction with
another pirate. This was a live broadcast with a number of people in the
"studio". They appealed for phone calls, and I dug out the ID at 1950
UTC. They also gave an address in Dalfsen, but this did not seem identical
with the address I see in the "Black Book" for Radio Horizon. Would someone
please let me know Radio Horizon's current address? Many thanks, and best
wishes to all for 1996!!

Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland     jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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