a log of a clandestine station
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a log of a clandestine station

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The recent days  I have received  thevoice of the islamic ... of Iraq  
under this log 

7115 new ferq? - "Voice of Islamic .... of Iraq"in AA   started w hymn
@4130then OM spkg 'dynamically ' ref to MUjahideen aq - IDed then as sawt
al islamiya kifil Iraq" , then  q quran , Id again , hymn , news , @50 w
hymn , ID again in 1456 , at 1500 as commentary(?) 

does anyone know  is thee is any adress? I ahve made recording of this 
transmission : POwer 44444till 1500 then 43433 w co channel QRM 
reception has  been made in Jan 2 

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