Re: WCDY 1480kHz ?
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Re: WCDY 1480kHz ?

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> The FCC frequency database (from October -95) lists WZRC New York
> with 5 kilowatts at nights.  This has been never been heard in
> Finland, as far as I know, which is not to be expected for a 5 kw
> New York station on a 'free' channel.  So I would suggest it hasn't
> been on air yet.  And so this could account to the 'new station'.

WZRC is alive and well and has been on the air for years. The format is Korean.
Their directional antenna has a sharp null to the northeast to protect WSAR in
Fall River, which would make them difficult to hear in Europe.

The mention of a "new" station could have been a reference to WTDY's format as a
"news" station. Also, WTDY's directional pattern is almost completely straight

David Yocis

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