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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Contributor: Don Moore DXing in Zion, Pennsylvania. Drake R-8, 
random wires.           MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

ANGOLA 7090 VORGAN 1942-2015 w/ country/western Xmas mx to 1957, 
then Afro mx, Port anmts & ID at 2000 & played "Happy Birthday", 
then back to Afro mx. Fair. Not heard around the same time two
other days I checked later in the week. (Moore-PA Dec 25)

CANADA 6005 CFCX 2040-2101 w/ FF CKOI MW relay, mentions of 
Montreal, "C-koi" IDs. Mix of EE/FF Xmas & pop songs. At 2057 YL 
w/ trilingual CFCX SW ID in EE/FF/SS. Good. (Moore-PA Dec 24)

HONDURAS 4930 R Internacional 0532 Sp pops, on past usual 0500 
s/off. Exc (Moore-PA Dec 25)

NIGER 5020 LV Sahel 0535-0540 OM talk w/ mention of Niamey, bit 
of local string mx, ID. Good. (Moore-PA Dec 25)

PIRATE 6954.9 WLIS 0431-0437* Caught end of special Rose Bowl 
program, ID, off. Good. (Moore-PA Dec 29) 

PIRATE 6954.95 WREC 2053-2112* w/ numerous humorous skits & 
songs.  ID at 2112 then cut off. Good. (Moore-PA Dec 26) 

PIRATE 6955 Unid 0419-0424* caught end of broadcast w/ cmty on 
1996 hopes for pirate radio, tnx to ACE & others, then unusual 
version of the Star Spangled Banner. Did not heard any ID. Anyone 
know who this was? Fair signal. (Moore-PA Dec 28) 

PIRATE 6955 KNBS 1950-2012 w/ mix of mx & IDs in several langs. 
At 2000 another pirate came up on a nearby fq. Couldn't make much 
sense of either of them so gave up at 2012. Was Fair until then. 
(Moore-PA Dec 30) 

ROMANIA 6105 Radio Romania 1900-1940+ ID, YL nx, features. Good 
signal - haven't hrd them this good in years. // 7195, also good. 
(Moore-PA Dec 29) 

TOGO 3222 Radio Kara 0013-0016 Presumed w/ OM in FF into hymn. 
Sounded like live Xmas church service. (Moore-PA Dec 25)

UKRAINE 7135 R Ukraine Int 2200-2205 Eng YL nx. This fq fair & 
best, but //s hrd on 4795, 5940, 6010, 6080, 6130, 7205, 7240. 
(Moore-PA Dec 26) 

USA - MAINE 2910 WZAN Portland 0342-0410 w/ hockey promos, IDs, 
net & local nx at hour. Poor. Noted nightly after about 0300 with 
talk shows & other domestic AM stuff but only good enough to ID 
this night. My first harmonic from Maine for 23 states plus DC 
now, about 70 stations. (Moore-PA Dec 28) 

ZIMBABWE 3306 ZBC 2326-2345 Presumed w/ Afro pops, YL ancr in lang. 
On late for Xmas eve. Open carrier only at 0015 recheck. (Moore-PA 
Dec 24) 

---------- Unids ----------

UNID 2660 0422-0516 non-stop EE Xmas mx, not // 1330 so not a 
local harmonic. Fair, but no anmts, even at top of hour. Not 
noted subsequent nights. (Moore-PA Dec 25)

UNID 3000 0440-0602 mostly non-stop trop mx, but Sp OM anmts at 
0450, 0505, 0530, 0600. Couldn't make out an ID. Assumedly a 
harmonic. Not noted subsequent nights. (Moore-PA Dec 25)

UNID 4070.05 0452-0503 Mid-eastern type vocal mx. YL at 0458 w/ 
mentions of "arabiyah". Good. (Moore-PA Dec 30) 

UNID 4795 2025 OM talk in Slavic lang //4820. Both good. (Moore-
PA Dec 24)

--------- QSLs -------------

BRAZIL Radio Educadora da Bahia 9540 f/d ppc, long ltr, & great CD 
of Bahia mx in 4 weeks via USPS Express Mail International Service. 
V/s Nivea Almeida, Gerente Geral Radio. The CD is a collection by 
various artists & was produced jointly by the station & the state 
cultural institute. (Moore) 
PERU Pucallpa Aeradio 8896.5 f/d ppc, short ltr, photo of local 
waterfront & two postcards in 4 weeks via registered mail. V/s 
Carlos E. Jibaja at Jefatura de Aeropuerto, Pucallpa, CORPAC - 
Pucallpa, Peru. Says 5596.5 & 9180 other OA aero frequencies. 
CORPAC = Corporacion Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviacion Comercial 
S.A. (Moore) 

SOUTH AFRICA SENTECH F/d QSLs for Channel Africa 15240 & f/up on 
Radio Oranje 3230 in 3 weeks for IRC. Nice cards! (Moore) 

These loggings may be freely reprinted or reposted provided original 
credit is maintained.

Don Moore   MOORE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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