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Loggings from 2/6:

1670  KTRK K-Truck  heard last nite at 0330 on for first time testing from 
Ft. Meade Md, with rock music, plenty of good IDs, and address for DX 
reports to address in Alexandria Va.  Address was ABS, 601 N. Fairfax St., 
Room 340, Alexandria Va 22314.  They will verify reports. From NU tip.

3340  KTRK heard weakly here, 2nd harmonic about 70-80 dB down from carrier, 
with rock music, just barely above some of UTEs here about 0440.  Phone call 
to station indicated they were unaware that a 2nd harmonic existed. 
 Modulation levels as good as main frequency.

Dan Henderson
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