Re: UNID on 1570
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Re: UNID on 1570

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Steve Whitt wrote:

> Help Please with following UNID heard 2350 7/1/95 till 0040 8/1/95:
> Legal ID at 0000UT down in noise but gave two callsigns including
> WA??
> Format Country music but also heard a sports promo
> Weather report gave max temp as 34 degrees
> Snow scene was a 30 second snow report (possibly for skiing)
> ABC News carried
> ID as "104.1 WTLE" (sounded like) many IDs during programming

NRC 1995 Log lists WCLE Cleveland TN (5000/84 watts) as // 104.1 WCLE-FM and
country music. Weather report sounds about right, too ...

David Yocis

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