PRE Edition BC-DX no. 207
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PRE Edition BC-DX no. 207

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To ARDXC E-Net members,

What follows is the latest electronic newsletter put out by Wolfgang
Bueschel, Germany. It;s also available on a WWW page. He does this
every week.


Bob Padula

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Date:  07-Jan-96 06:34 UTC+11
From:  Wolfgang W. Bueschel [100523,3446]
Subj:  PRE Edition BC-DX no. 207

To either !! BC-DX / BCDX @DL  or  SWL @EU  !!         lifetime 90 days.

BC-DX 207  PRE Edition                                       07 Jan 1996

AFGHANISTAN   New opposition radio "Radio Voice of Sharia" (islamic law)
heard; supports the Taleban Islamic Movement. Bc in Pashto & Dari 0350-0420
UTC 7090 kHz.
"Radio Message of Freedom", supports the opposition Islamic Party (Hezb-e
Eslami) led by Golboddin Hekmatyar,  Pro-Hekmatyar station on new frequency
6235 (x7090) kHz, 0230-0730 UTC.  (BBCMS)

BOSNIA   AFN - American Forces Network -  FM transmitter 100.1 MHz 300
watts, bc at Tuzla airbase for the troops that have already arrived there.
Eventually AFRTS will be transmitting TV in Tuzla on [VHF] channel 10 -
that's the US channel 10 using the NTSC system.
US forces in Tuzla, Bosnia, might also tune in to VOA Europe. This
contemporary music service is now available via Radio Kameleon on 102.7 MHz
in Tuzla. The station presently rebroadcasts VOA Europe 0000-1800 hours
local time, but these hours might expand. They also rebroadcast VOA Croatian
in the morning. Radio Kameleon in Tuzla also relays Radio Free Europe's
Serbo-Croat service on a separate frequency, 99.8 MHz VHF/FM.
(VoA English Dec 23)

6287.78 kHz, V. O. the People of Kurdistan, 1940-2022* UTC, Mid-east Pop-
like vcl mx, M in AR 1945 UTC, ID.  (Valko Dec. 31)
ID as "Huna Itha' Sowt Sha'ab Kurdistan, Sowt al Itihad
al watani Kurdistan", thanks Dave-that was fun. (Johnson Cumbre Dx Jan 5)

CUBA   RHC will replace 11 MHz by 9 MHz for transmissions to EUR, but no
frequency given so far.  2100-2200 UTC x11705, 2200-2300 UTC x11960/11950.
At 2200 UTC 6180 kHz is in parallel.  Extended additional transmission to US
West Coast 30 mins later than before, 0530-0730 UTC on 6000 kHz.
(GH WoR Dec 29)
>>>>>> No frequ change occured yet, Jan 6th.  (WB)

ETHIOPIA / RUSSIA    Voice of Oroma Liberation opposition radio heard again
on Mon, Wed, and Sat on 5960 kHz 1600-1700 UTC, apparently via Russia. Bc on
behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front, heard in 1988 and 1992, bc from a
transmitter in Sudan.  (BBCMS)

GERMANY/USA   Due to budget reductions, all IBB (VOA & RFE/RL) xmsns from
the Wertachtal xmtr plant operated by the Deutsche Bundespost (sic: Telekom)
will cease as of 2200 UTC, Dec 31, 1995.
(Dan Ferguson VoA via Cumbre Dx Jan 5)
VoA Communications World reported "The Wertachtal relay is leased by VOA
from the Deutsche Bundespost and it is expensive," the report said.
(VoA Dec 23)

INDIA   Three AIR sites are testing new transmitters:
Gangtok  3390 kHz 10 kW 1200-1630 UTC. (ex Sikkim)
Kohima   4850 kHz 50 kW 1300-1425 UTC.
         (address AIR Assist. Dir. Engineering, Mr. Morang,
         797001 Kohima, Nagaland, India)
Itanagar 4990 kHz 50 kW 1100-1630 UTC. (via HCJB DXPL Jan 6)

IRAN   7160 kHz V. of the Islamic Rep. of Iran  *1300 UTC For the first time
in my memory, this station now has a broadcast in Chinese. Noted Dec. 30 and
Jan. 1 s/on in that language after usual solemn string IS. On Dec. 30, went
into Urdu at 1330 while 11930 carried something else. On Jan. 1, pulled the
switch after Chinese while 11930 carried the Urdu transmission. Fair on 7160
via long-path.  (Hill via Cumbre Dx Jan 5)
Comment: IRIB schedule show Chinese 1300-1330 KAM 15330 kHz 500 kW 64
         degrees, 1430-1500 KAM 11750 kHz 100 kW 79 degrees. (WB)

LATVIA    Radio Latvia Riga suspends bc in Swedish (Sa/Su 2130-2200 UTC) and
German (M-F 2135-2140 UTC) for lack of funds. Dom sce progr 1, 576, 1350,
1422, and SW 5935 kHz. The timetable for English broadcasts remains
unchanged, Sa/Su 2000-2030 5935 kHz, M-F 2130-2135 UTC progr 1.
(Radio Latvia Jan 2)

LITHUANIA   Vilnius Radio on SW via Julich-D tx 5910 kHz observed with
retimed English at 0000 UTC, and Lithuanian at 0030-0100 UTC. (RNMN Jan 4)

Lithuanian programs to North America to be transmitted from Germany.
Lithuanian Radio and TV officials have signed a two-year contract with
Deutsche Welle for the use of transmitters located near Frankfurt (sic:
German Telekom site Julich near Cologne) to broadcast its shortwave programs
to North America from 1 January 1996, Radio Lithuania reported on 29
December. The previous transmission of the daily 30-minute programs by
Russian transmitters near Krasnodar Armavir cost 300,000 litai ($75,000) a
year. The new contract provides for the transmission of a 60-minute daily
program for some 296,000 litai.
(Saulius Girnius, compiled by Jan Cleave OMRI Daily Digest via Crawfor via
Cumbre Dx)

SAO TOME   New VoA relay site at Sao Tome is testing at daytime 0600-1800
UTC on 4950 kHz, and either 13680, 13710, 13740, or 13770 kHz. (RMNW Jan 4)
VOA QSL's via INTERNET: Dan_Ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxxx
(but please wait until US Govt furlough is over before sending email).
(Dan Ferguson NU via TLC via Johnson Cumbre Dx Jan 5)

SUDAN   Voice of Sudan (NDA), opposition radio adds new tx,
10000 9000 8000 kHz 0400-0600 & 1715-1915. (x9000 or 9025 at 1300-1500 UTC)
May transmitting from Eritrea. (BBCMS)

TURKEY    TRT Ankara will start SSB transmissions in Turkish and German
language from Jan 1st.
>>>>>>  But no SSB transmissions received so far yet, Jan 7th.   (WB)

UAE     6120 kHz VoUAE, Abu Dhabi, 1938 UTC. New freq observed Jan. 1 with
segued Middle Eastern songs /./6180/7215/9770 kHz. At 2000 UTC, pips and
standard Arabic ID, then news. Whopping signal--goodbye, Finland!
(Hill via Cumbre Dx Jan 5)

KNLS now has a www page for listeners. That page can be seen at
(Costello via Cumbre Dx Jan 5)

WRMI -  The airtimes for "Wavescan" (the DX program compiled by Adrian
Peterson of Adventist World Radio) as of January 1, 1996 will be as follows:
Saturday        2200-2215
Sunday          0030-0045 (on 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday of the month)
Sunday          1445-1500
Monday          0100-0115
Monday          0215-0230
Wednesday       2130-2145
As of the first weekend in January, WRMI is proud to begin airing the new
Spanish-language edition of "Wavescan", called "La Onda Mundial".  It will
be aired UTC Sunday at 0100-0115 UTC. Both "Wavescan" and "La Onda Mundial"
will at times be repeated during certain editions of "Viva Miami" during the
following week. (White) Those interested in additional WRMI info can contact
Jeff 71163,1735.
(Jeff White WRMI direct, Johnson via Cumbre Dx Jan 5)


vy73 de Wolfgang  DF5SX @DB0LX.#BW.DEU.EU   -   CompuServe 100523,3446


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