UNIDs from Hune DX-pedition
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UNIDs from Hune DX-pedition

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Martin Elbe
Wolfsburg, Germany

Hi folks!
We returned from a DXpedition to Hune in northern Jutland, 35 km northwest of
Aalborg in Denmark. We, that are Joachim Stiller from Germany (1.1 - 7.1),
from Denmark Finn Krone (1.1. - 10.1.), from Czech Republic Karel Honzik
(1.1. - 12.1.) and me, 1.1. to 12.1.

Conditions were excellent, we heard stations from North and Central America
on almost every frequency! Even on european channels like 1080 or 720
something was audible. To illustrate, how good reception is over there: We
heard an US station (most likely WLPZ) at around 1020 UTC ON TOP of Luxemburg
on 1440!!

Now we are running through the tapes, then we will publish the final results.
So, no need to go to Sheigra for MW-DX, :-)

But allready now, there are some UNIDS, and maybe, someone of the gang can
assist us in identifying them. Let's go:

An UNID on 1600 kHz heard on the 2nd and 3rd of January around 0800 UTC in
Spanish. Identifying as "Radio Internacional". Strange programming: Phone-in
gameshow, where the participants had to say "La Cafe esta caliente" or "La
Cafe esta dulce!" The announcer in the studio had a mexican accent, there
were no commercials, the music played was Spanish Ballads. We heard that "La
Cafe esta caliente" dozens of times, and it was one of the most used phrases
on our DXpedition :-)
Any ideas?

On 1660 kHz we had an UNID in Spanish too. We found that while chasing WJDM
(which, by the way, was audible almost daily until s/off at 0300 UTC).
Christian programming, and it was definitely NOT WJDM! Very early fade-in,
carrier already heard around 1745 UTC.

And to continue: On the 6th we heard a mexican station around 0745 UTC
booming in on 1470 kHz. Ranchero music and ID's as "Radio Musical -
Popularisima!" WRTH lists several Mexicans, but none with such slogan. Any

On 1540.06 kHz we had a station playing non-stop soft US pops, causing
humming when listening to KXEL's Road Gang Show around 0850-0910 UTC on the
8th of January. No announcements at all.

Another one which we couldn't identify was on 1500.40 kHz. Lots of non-stop
LA mx, partly from Peru. (No, not Radio Dos Mil Venezuela! They were exactly
on frequency!)
Best around 0900 UTC.

So, it would be nice if anyone, especially from the US or LA could help us in
Bye for now, the big report will follow in 2 or three weeks time!

73's Martin

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