Logs DX camp
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Logs DX camp

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Here are some of my logs I wrote down at a DX camp held in Breckerfeld,
Germany from January 12-14. Some facts: Nearly 20 participants, about 10
longwires of up to 200 meters (no Beverage, as terminating the antennas
made no sense due to the hilly terrain which restricted the low angle
reception), several magnetic loop antennas and one inverted V dipole for 60
m on a 10 m tower; Receivers used were Watkins J. HF 1000, NRD 535, NRD
525, Lowe HF 150, Kenwood R 1000 and some portable receivers from Sony and
Grundig. One DSP and a phasing unit were also used.
Condx has been moderate on Jan 12/13 but rather bad on Jan 13/14 (no
transatlantic catches on AM, no Indonesians on 60 m, and R. Satellite was
the only Peruvian on SW), so most of us decided to have a good time talking
to each other and drinking some beer at 0100 UTC, which is 0200 local time
:-) One participant reported better reception on AM with an indoor loop the
night before at his home than with his 200 m Beverage at the camp! It is
interesting to note that very good reception on AM was reported that night
by US American DXers via InterNet.
We had more than one look on 4950, but no sign of VoA Sao Tome - RN Angola
was quite strong, though. As Niger made no break on 5020 around 1930, there
was no chance of getting Solomon Islands on that qrg. So no real hard core

AUSTRALIA 2325 ABC Tennant Creek 1644 E, ID "This is ABC" (Passmann 13/01)
AUSTRALIA 2310 ABC Alice Springs 1645 E, // 2325 (Passmann 13/01)
AUSTRALIA 2485 ABC Katherine 1646 E, // 2325 (Passmann 13/01)
CHINA 3335 CBS 1, 2131 Ch, Pop mx (Passmann 12/01)
CLANDESTINE 5140 Vo Mojahed jumping to 5160/5170 because of Jamming, 2100
ID, s/off (Passmann 12,13/01)
ECUADOR 3220 HCJB,0132 S, mx de los andes (Passmann 13/01)
ECUADOR 5040 LV del Upano, 0305 NA, s/off (Passmann 13/01)
INDIA 3223 AIR SHIMLA, Vn, YL (Passmann 13/01)
INDIA 3315 AIR BHOPAL 0152 Sitarmx, qrm by WWCR
NAMIBIA 3270 NBC Windhoek, 2137 E, Phone-in-px (Passmann 12/01)
PAPUA NEW GUINEA 4890 NBC Port Moresby 2052 Country and Pop mx (Passmann 12/01)
PERU 5766.8 Estacion Soritor 0239 Mx popular, tent - fading out (Passmann 13/01)
PERU 5700 R. Frecuencia San Ignacio 0252 S OM, tent - fading out (Passmann
SIERRA LEONE 3316 SLBS Freetown, 2125 E anns, Pop mx (Passmann 12/01)

73-Willi, DJ6JZ

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