AM DX NewsFlash 1-18-96
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AM DX NewsFlash 1-18-96

             WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH - January 18 1996

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                    A         MM    MM     NN    N     FFFFFFF
                   A A        M M  M M     N N   N     F
                  AAAAA       M  MM  M     N  N  N     FFFF
                 A     A      M      M     N   N N     F
                A       A     M      M     N    NN     F

 CPC DX tests summary


Here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and NRC.  If anyone has any
additions or corrections, please contact me.

Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in  All times EST.

      1/20/96 Sat - 0300-0330 - 1070 - WANM - Tallahassee FL  (IRCA)
      1/23/96 Tue - 0230-0300 - 1460 - KLTC - Dickinson ND  (IRCA)
      1/29/96 Mon - 0300-0400 - 1210 - KGYN - Guymon OK  (IRCA)
      2/ 3/96 Sat - 0400-0430 -  640 - KYUK - Bethel AK  (NRC)
      2/ 4/96 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
                  - 0400-0430 -  750 - KFQD - Anchorage AK  (NRC)
                  - 0400-0500 -  650 - KYAK - Anchorage AK  (NRC)
      2/ 5/95 Mon - 0300-0400 - 1480 - WABB - Mobile AL  (IRCA)
      2/10/96 Sat - 0200-0230 - 1400 - WTCY - Harrisburg PA  (IRCA)
      2/12/96 Mon - 0000-0030 - 1230 - WNNC - Newton NC  (IRCA)
                    0100-0130 -  560 - WGAI - Elizabeth City NC  (NRC)
      2/17/96 Sat - 0100-0200 - 1450 - WBSR - Pensacola FL  (IRCA)
      2/18/96 Sun - 0015-0100 -  710 - WFNR - Christianburg VA  (NRC)
                    0330-0400 -  730 - WNAK - Nanticoke PA  (NRC)
      2/19/96 Mon - 0000-0030 -  630 - WIRC - Hickory NC  (IRCA)
                  - 0100-0130 -  770 - WLWL - Rockingham NC  (NRC)
      2/24/96 Sat - 0200-0230 -  610 - KCSR - Chadron NE  (NRC)
      2/25/96 Sun - 0230-0300 -  610 - KVNU - Logan UT  (NRC)
      2/26/96 Mon - 0400-0430 -  610 - KONA - Tri-Cities WA  (NRC)
      3/ 3/96 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
      4/ 7/96 Sun - 0015-0030 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador

Details for new tests:

KONA-610 P.O. Box 2623, Tri-Cities, WA 99302 will conduct a DX test on
Monday morning, February 26, 1996, between 4:00 and 4:30am EST.  The test
will include CIDs and talk format.  Please send reception reports to Mr. Art
Blum/Chief Engineer.  Arranged by the National Radio Club CPC.

Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
consider Sunday night!

If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting
me know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you
need these, let me know!

Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx




Here's something I saw on that you might want to include
in the Newsflash:

<<KJJK Fergus Falls, MN has moved from 1090 kHz to 1020 kHz.  Per sign-off
announcement, they are running 2000 watts nondirectional daytime only.
Apparently they haven't activated their night authorization here.  The
format is nostalgia.  They were heard in Chicago at 1712 CST on 1/3/96.  73
de Robert Kramer  N9MBK>>

73  --  J.D. Stephens - JSteph6711@xxxxxxx



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IRCA Bookstore, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA  98117-2334
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Geomagnetic Summary January 11 1995 through January 17 1996
 Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly

   GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
   maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
   mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
   mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm

Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER

 1/11    71     2    2    very low    quiet               swa
   12    70     6    3    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
   13    69    25    1    very low    unsettled-mis       -
   14    70    19    2    very low    quiet-active        swa
   15    70    12    1    very low    quiet-unsettled     swa
   16    70     6    2    very low    quiet               swa
 1/17    70     6    4    very low    quiet-active        swa

 phil bytheway - Seattle WA:  bytheway@xxxxxxx




Loggings by JM-Jorma Mantyla, Kangasala, Finland
Icom IC-R71E+3xBeverages 130-210 meters.
 Very good dx-conditions this week - now it is really sunspot minimum.

1467   KOREA  HLKN Mokpo Jan11, 1300Z, local ID, then national news.  JM
1593   JAPAN  JOQB Niigata Jan10, 2030Z w s-on & local ID "J-O-Q-B"  Stns
        also 747, 774 and 1377 kHz.  JM

 590   CJCL   Toronto ON Jan10 0700Z w sports. JM
 690   CBKF-1 Gravelborough SA //860 w weather sounding like local, QRMed
        by other French stn, possibly CBF.  Later both stn's w same px SRC
        night classical. JM
 750   CBGY   Bonavista Bay NF Jan10 2200 CBC-news. JM
 870   WWL    New Orleans LA Jan12 0630 w Road Gang show JM
1000   KOMO   Seattle WA Jan11 1130 JM
1100   WWWE   Cleveland OH Jan12 0825 "3WE"  JM
1110   CKTY   Sarnia ON Jan12 1050Z w CW&ID. JM
1110   WBT    Charlotte NC  Jan11 0600 JM
1140   CFXL   Calgary AB Jan11 1255  JM
1190   WLIB   New York NY Jan12 0930Z   w id "WBLS" and "The Mighty 11-90"
        is now dominating NA stn after power increase - no sign of WOWO.
        Almost as strong signal here in Scandinavia as two other strong NY
        stns, WBBR 1130 and WQEW 1560.  JM
1210   WGMP   Philadelphia PA Jan 10 0900Z w sports. JM
1250   CHWO   Oakville ON Jan12 1023Z w ads for Toronto area.  Usually only
        non-stop bfl mx. JM
1430   CKYC   Toronto ON Jan 10 0903 w CW JM
1510   WNRB   Boston MA Jan 10 0930Z in French caused some confusion! Are
        there many French speaking people in Boston?!  JM
1510   KGA   Spokane WA Jan11 1200Z JM
1550   KPIX   San Francisco CA Jan12 1025 JM
1660   WJDM   Elizabeth NJ Jan11 0030Z w test, nonstop mx & "WJDM"-jingle &
        id:"16-60 WJDM Elizabeth, New Jersey" Heard often but signal is
        weak.  Heard as frequency is free - only some Russian utilities
        sometimes QRM here in  Scandinavia.  JM

1120   HJKQ    Caracol, Tunja. Jan 12 0636Z. Local call-id, then national
        phone-in.  JM
1159,5 Unid    Latin stn Jan12 0645Z YV or HJ, any idea? JM
1590   XEVOZ   Mexico "Bonita AM" Jan7 0530Z "X-E-V-O-Z" and romatic mx.  JM


JM -Jorma Mantyla - jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I very much enjoy your AM DX News Flash.  With its aid I was able to hear my
first TA from here in Cincinnati.  On 12-14-95 at 1848 EST I heard and taped
a station from Croatia on 1134.  Never thought I could hear that stuff from
here.  Also have been hearing carriers from Norway 1314 and another
Croatioan on 1125, but no audio.  The carrier for St.Pierre et Miquelin is
fair on 1375 but still no audio.  The best stateside thing I've heard lately
have been WWWT/1320 in Randolph,Vt. (new state), KFUO/850,Clayton Mo.,
WGNU/920 Granite City, Ill (500 wt.), and WJMX/950, Florence S.C.  WJMX was
overpowering on 1/13/96.  Can't beleive I've never heard them before.

  Thanks  ...Jim   k8cxm@xxxxxxx


Kent Winrich, NI9U - kent.winrich@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Waukesha, WI
GE Superadio III

DX & Equipment Tests

 640+ WWLS OK Norman - 1/15 0130 - Dominate with One on One Sports, then
       "The following is a test for the International Radio Club of
       America."  Code .. "test, WWLS Norman, Okla WWLS".
1090- KBOZ MT Bozman - 1/15 0235 - Just one word... KAAY.  Nothing heard.
       Was hoping for my first MT.


Jorma Mantyla - jmantyla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kangasala, Finland

Please, delete my loggins of 1190 WLIB.  After listening to my tape I found
it was WOWO - they just read sports news produced by some WBNS..

Here is the correct logging:

1190   12.1.   0930   WOWO Ft. Wayne IN w strong signal and id as "WouWou"
         and "The mighty 11-90".  Changes in night time antenna pattern have
         not made reception poor in Scandinavia.  JM


Andy Gardner - andyg03@xxxxxxx
Wellington, New Zealand

I tried for a few of the recent DX Tests from here in New Zealand.
Unfortunately, most of them are on too early and it is still well before
dusk when they happen. I wish they all happened just before the U.S. dawn!

I had a go a KBOZ 1090 but the channel was dominated by KRPM Seattle.  I
did, however, hear a monologue spoken by a man talking about motorcycles &
leather jackets. Poetry maybe?

Also I heard Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech (in full?).  I
thought that was a weird thing to hear, but later on in the night I was
listening to WOAI 1200 and found out that it was Martin Luther King day, so
that explains that one.  Does anyone know who would have been airing that
speech on 1090 that night?  Was it KBOZ or someone else?  I'd really like to
verify KBOZ because that would be US State #24 for me!


Rob McLean - wtbq@xxxxxxxxxxx

Loggings for 0250-0330 UTC 13 Jan 96
 Sangean 803A and a long piece o' wire on a hilltop in Monroe, NY

  530  unID  Spanish
  640* CMBC  R. Progreso, Cuba (Elvis' "Hound Dog"!)
  670  WMAQ  Chicago; sports talk show
  760  WJR   Detrtoit; hockey game (Go Red Wings!)
  830* WCCO  Minneapolis; newscast (some QRM)
  900  WHML  Hamilton, ON; "Your first choice for news"; excellent!
 1040  WHO   Des Moines; Iowa baseketball game
 1110  WBT   Charlotte; excellent
 1150  CKOC* Hamilton, ON: "Oldies 1150"
 1310  unID* "Tom Lucas Gold Line"
 1320  WJAS* Pittsburgh; big band
 1430  CJCL* Toronto; "Today's Country"
 1580  CBJ*  Chicoutimi, PQ; hockey game in French

 * new logging

 That's all for now,

 73, RMc


Kent Winrich - kent.winrich@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Waukesha, WI
Radio - GE Superadio III

 680 WPTF NC Raliegh - 1/16 2154 - NC basketball. VID.
 970 WAVG KY Louisville - 1/17 0817 - Show your Wave 9-70 Club card.  To get
      one call 587-0970.
1010 WITL MI Lansing - 1/17 0805 - The Classic hits 10-10 AM WITL into CW.
      Ad for dept of water & light 371-6091.

1430 ???? 1/17 1714 Chinese language programming.


AM DX Loggings from Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, ON - csgro@xxxxxxxxxxx

From: Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, ON, All new to log on GE Superadio 2

 870  WHCU Ithaca, NY - 1/14 0915; Poor with Ithaca events and NOS music
1180  WHJM Knoxville, TN - 1/14 0720; Poor with Gospel music and Christian-
       oriented ads; ID: "Singing his praises with solid gospel, AM 1180
1480  WGVU Kentwood, MI - 1/12 0755; Poor with Grand Rapids Weather and
1490  WABJ Adrian, MI - 1/12 0804; Very Poor with ID as "News/Talk 1490




If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them to
the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxxxxxxx and the IRCA
Almanac coordinator:  Rich Toebe, 2550 Hilborn Rd  #34, Fairfield CA

IRCA's MEXICAN LOG coordinator is Chris Knight.  If you note any changes in
Mexican radio, please drop him a note at:  cgknight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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