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News From Medium Wave News

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Bulletin Date: 1 February 1996

Radio Latics is one of the most established soccer radio stations in the UK
operating with a low power restricted service licence (RSL). Alan Gale
(Medium Wave Circle member and presenter/engineer at Radio Latics) is very
keen to know of all instances of long distance reception of the station's 1
watt signal. Alan is attempting to correlate reception with ionospheric
conditions, so the information he would like is date and time of reception
and location of the listener.

Radio Latics has been heard often over 1000km in several European countries
and the record is a listener 1860km distant! The record for any RSL is

Look out for forthcoming broadcasts from R Latics on 1386kHz:

February:   10th; 20th; 24th
March:      2nd; 16th
April       2nd; 6th; 13th
May         4th

The transmitter is on air from 0001-2000 local time for afternoon matches,
and 0001-2359 for evening games. The high power signal on 1386kHz from
Kaliningrad signs off 35 minutes before Radio Latics signs-on.

Reception reports welcome at 4 Waingap Crescent, Whitworth, Rochdale,
Lancashire OL12 8PX England (but remember return postage if you want a
reply). Alternatively you can e-mail logging details (but please no reception
reports) to me and I will pass to Alan Gale.    (Steve Whitt)

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