MW logs from Newfoundland
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MW logs from Newfoundland

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MW logs from Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada  

Equipment:   Drake R8A w/ 20-meter random wire through Connelly MWT-2

DATE and times are UTC.

774	SPAIN  RNE Radio 1, San Sebastia'n, FEB 6  0655-0700 - Regional time-out
began w/ "Radio Nacional de Espan~a en el Pai's Vasco" then local news by 2 men;
back to full network program at 0700; SIO 333.

837	SPAIN  R. Popular de El Ferrol, El Ferrol del Caudillo, FEB 8  2255-2300
- Local ads and promos, just before 2300 "Onda Ferrol en 837 de onda media", 
COPE net program resumes at 2300; mixing with another COPE station and RDP 
Azores, SIO 332.

855	SPAIN  RNE Radio 1, Santander, FEB 9  0654-0701 - Very clear w/ national
net sports, into regional time-outs at 0655 when the frequency became a tangle 
of at least 4 RNE signals of significant strength, only one clear ID: "Radio 
Nacional de Espan~a en Cantrabria", back to national net at 0700; SIO 322.

1134	SPAIN  R. Popular de Pamplona, Pamplona, JAN 25  2255-2300 - Local ads, 
ID just before 2300 "la Radio Popular de Pamplona", COPE net program w/ Jose' 
Maria Garcia after 2300; SIO 222.

1134	SPAIN  R. Popular de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, JAN 26  2252-2300 - 
COPE net economic commentary, split to local ads at 2255:25 made a real mess of 
the frequency but ID "COPE Jerez" with frequency at 2258, COPE net again at 
2300; SIO 222.

1143	SPAIN  R. Popular de Oviedo, Oviedo, JAN 29  2255-2300 - Local ads and 
news items began with "COPE Oviedo" ID, into COPE net program at 2300; SIO 222.

1197	ENGLAND  Virgin Radio, (ugh!) synchros, JAN 30  0015 - Ad for movie 
"Heat", pop mx // 1215; SIO 232.

1458	ENGLAND  Fortune 1458, Manchester, JAN 27  1955 - Pop mx, male announcer
"here on Fortune 14-58"; weak but essentially alone at this time, SIO 242.

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