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INDONESIA   11785,0   RRI, Jakarta   1058-1109   IS, time signal, Indonesian
ID and news, 'Love Ambon' tune. New frequencie (testtransmission?). SINPO:
34544   (Veldhuis AUG 1)

MADAGASCAR   3358,0   RTV Malagasy, Antananarivo   1815-1835   Presumed the
station here with talk in vernacular language and music. SINPO: 22432
(Veldhuis AUG 1)

MALAYSIA   4844,9   RTM, Kajang   1635-1659*   Asian music, announcements in
Tamil, muslim chanting, National Anthem before Soff. SINPO: 24444
(Veldhuis AUG 1)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.


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