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Hello DX-friends,

Here again are some loggings from me. It's the first time I send my logs
with the new Microsoft Internet Mail software, so I hope it all works. I
still have some problems with the program, but I can create and send
messages, and that's the most important thing this software has to do. :-)

ANGOLA   3374,9   Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos   2315-2333  
Portuguese talk, musical breaks, songs, announcements. SINPO: 44433. Of
course //4950,0, which also was strong and clear tonight.   (Veldhuis AUG

VENEZUELA   4980,0   Ecos del Torbes, San Christobal   2231-2257   Spanish
talk from a crowdy location, ID 2255 UTC. SINPO: 34444   (Veldhuis AUG 18)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.


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