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Hello DX friends,

A few loggings from me again....

ANGOLA   9534,8   Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos   2046-2100   English
service with talk about Red Cross, (Afro-)music, news with frequent mention
of Angola, tentative ID in English, followed by ID in Portuguese at start
of program just before the hour, mention of frequencies.
At exactly 2100 UTC, VOA signed on (via Kavala?) SINPO before 2100: 32432  
(Veldhuis AUG 22)

AUSTRALIA   2485,0   VL8K, Katherine   2029-2031   Music, English ID,
ABC-newstune, news. SINPO: 23232   (Veldhuis AUG 22)

INDIA   3223,0   AIR, Shimla   1716-1730*   Native music, Vernacular
announcements. Best in LSB (UTE-QRM in USB). SINPO: 24243   (Veldhuis AUG

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.


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