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Some loggings again:

MALAYSIA   9750,0   Voice of Malaysia, Kajang   1423-1433   Indonesian talk
(news?), Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur mentioned often, tentative ID. SINPO:
43444   (Veldhuis NOV 22)

NIGERIA   15120,0   Voice of Nigeria, Lagos   1620-1715   Presumably them
with non-stop native music and Afropop. Strong at first (SINPO 55444), but
later down to SINPO 24422. Nothing on possible // frequencies.   (Veldhuis
NOV 22)

THAILAND   4830,0   Radio Thailand, Pathumthani   1425-1432  Weak here with
English talk, IS and ID. SINPO: 14433   (Veldhuis NOV 21) 

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands.

Receivers: JRC NRD-535, Lowe HF-150, Sony ICF SW-7600G.
Antenna: 12 meter longwire with Magnetic Longwire Balun.