Re: 1680 kHz
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Re: 1680 kHz

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> >Full marks to Paul Ormandy for the detective work. It seems 1420 XEXX 
> >SUPER XX in Tijuana has been putting out a harmonic on here for years.
> >
> >Thanks Paul...
> 1680? The 2nd harmonic of 1420 is 2840! Must have been a typo.
> Forgive me but I don't see how 1680 is a possible frequency unless thay
> simulcast on it. Perhaps the fundemental is 710 khz, they radiate 1420 as
> the main signal then 2840 would be the harmonic being radiated. I'm in
> Texas so I'll tune 1680 and 2840 tonight and find out for myself.

Ummmh.. Harmonic.. bad choice of word.. should re-phrase that..
It was a  product or spur of 1420 kHz.

Here's what Paul had to say....

> Just read in a recent DX Monitor mag that XEXX 1420 has been putting
> out an image/spur on 1680 for years, one dxer first heard it back in
> '72 - so, there IS nothing new under the Sun!
> 73s Paul 

Hope that clears that up.. but I am wondering myself where it comes 
from. Especially if its been around since 1972..



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