Re: more Euro DX
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Re: more Euro DX

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>Hope my previous message got people listening.  1314 showed poor to fair
>audio with relapses back to a carrier from 0230 to past 0630 8 December.
>(First carrier was noted at 0020 UTC).  Only other signals noted were not
>heard until 0630, when brief weak carriers were noted on 1098, 1107 and 1512.
>Strangely, the Asiatic signals around our local sunrise have not been very
>strong, though many were better than usual.  The high power Japanese (747,
>774 and 828) have been at poorer strengths however.
>good DX,
>Nick Hall-Patch

Well, not West Coast, but VOCM 590 St John's NF were still strong here at
0930 this morning and WNRB 1510 Boston MA were there at 1000. (Times UTC).
Lots of other weaker carriers, on all the usual East Coast channels.

1470 & 1410 channels are blocked by local stations here though - they'd be
best for trying for Vancouver.

On shortwave Asia's good from 1300 onwards, with Llasa on 6200 //5020 and
lots of AIR channels on 60 & 90 mbs.

Mark Hattam, London UK