Re: real sense of "DX"
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Re: real sense of "DX"

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Stig Hartvig Nielsen wrote:
>To "DX" is to listen to distant radiostations from your home. To "DX" is -
>to the best of my opinion - not to travel more or less close to a given
>station and then listen to it.

I hate to make waste of such precious bandwidth, but c'mon Stig, you're
being a bit too unflexible here. You just cannot compare a DX-pedition in
Lapland to listening to Cuban stations in Jamaica, can you? I for one would
be happy to test my technical skills, my ears and stamina in Lemmejoki, or
do you really think they just walk up there, put a couple of thousands
meters of wire down, switch on the radio and presto! here comes Waikiki
beach AM stereo every day? I'd be very well served if I had to "DX" from my
home in Milan, the noisiest town in the West. I'd be barely able to report
a few Spaniards, if I'm lucky.
No more comments on that, and please excuse for the little detour,