GET A LIFE 2!!!!!!!!!!!
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GET A LIFE 2!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a message from Hans van den Boogert <hansfong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Apart that this mailinglist is for DX news and tips and not discussions, I do like to see some communication going on between us coccooning weirdos. Makes DXing a bit more social, especially in the eyes of "normal" people.

What is a DX catch and what not will always be a problem for some people. Who cares, as long as you have some satisfaction in your hobby. Who cares if you're the first or second who heard a station. You've heard it, that's what counts and then I'm happy for you. More disturbing I find people who show off with stations they didn't hear. The other reason why I posted comments on the ILG is that this is the ultimate listloggers guide. Just wait and watch when this publication becomes popular again: you'll see the most exotic loggings from people you otherwise never hear of. 

DXing is about enjoying and sharing. In that respect there was only one DXer I ever truly admired and that was Bernhard Gruendl. If you have known him you know how selflessly and devoted he was in sharing this hobby with everybody. I think some people better start reconsidering DXing as a hobby, not a competition. 

My final words: xiao lai le. (And that is a loose translation of Get a life! in Chinese. Because my name wouldn't be Hans if I didn't end with something Chinese, hi!)

Greetings from Taiwan.

Hans van den Boogert