Re: GET A LIFE 2!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: GET A LIFE 2!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hans VdB wrote:
>Apart that this mailinglist is for DX news and tips and not discussions, I
>do like to see some communication going on between us coccooning weirdos.
>Makes DXing a bit more social, especially in the eyes of "normal" people.
>What is a DX catch and what not will always be a problem for some people.
>Who cares, as long as you have some satisfaction in your hobby.

I couldn't agree more strongly with you. I can see Stig's point very well,
but any discussion based on a first-for-this/first-for-that latent
machismo, or on the figure in miles between you and a "real DX" is utterly
pointless. BTW, give medium wave band a try; in the last days we've been
experiencing strong albeit short openings in our DX-locations in Norhern
Italy. Even at home in Milan.

Play DX (shouldn't we switch to "Get a life DX"?)