Re: EA-MW list
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Re: EA-MW list

> Hi guys,
> Here is an update to my list of Spanish stations in MIME format.
> Mauricio Molano
> Salamanca/Madrid, Spain.
> mmolano@xxxxxxxxxx
Hi Mauricio!

Interesting list of yours on Spanish MW-stations. I am not much
of a Spain DX-er nowadays but I used to be and I still do a list
for the UKVK (Shortwave Club of Umea) now and then.

However, some proof errors:

Region for RNE Badajoz-648 should be EX and for Alicante-729 VA.

Besides, my friend Per-Ole Stenman in Finland has received a QSL
from RNE5 Jaén-1413 giving a new address:

Avda. de Granada 57, 23001 Jaén


Bo Nensén