UnID US MW on 1440 kHz
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UnID US MW on 1440 kHz

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Hello DX friends -

The following briefly popped up on 1440 kHz the other night: "on 1440 AM
(flourish) WCDS(?) is owned and operated by Kankakee Broadcasting Company,
with studios and offices ... at 75 ..."  Call letters were spoken very
quickly and are still indecipherable after many plays of the tape.

WCDS Glasgow KY is listed to 1440 kHz, but silent for many years, and the
telephone company has no listing for them.  "Kankakee" suggests Illinois, and
WPRS is phonetically similar.  Either would be a highly unusual catch here in
metro New York.

Can anyone help ID this one?

73 and season's greetings to all

David Yocis