Re: WROA 1390 kHz
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Re: WROA 1390 kHz

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I feel as a Yank,who respects my flag,god and apple pie,it is my sworn
duty to contact the closest FCC office and notify them that you
Europeons(sic) are having fun dxing at our expense.And on this most holy
of oughta be with yer families,stay away from those
Telefunkens,or whatever it is that you use over there!!!!!Its Germans
who gave us this Christmas thing"oh Tannenbaum"and all that,have you
priced a christmas tree here in Amerika lately.....they run about
$50.....thats alotta Deutschmarks....other than that.good luck,take all
this with a grin,and keep dxing...Santas Sled is causing E-Layer skip
this time of year,thats why you're receiving WROA......thats
all.........Tom Messer(gee,I'm bored today)