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Re: NZ AM/FM list

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El Wed, 1 Jan 1997 16:07:54 -0500,
ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Larry Russell) escribió sobre Re: EA-MW list:

> >
> > MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxx .... and others wrote
> >  Don't be dissuaded from further submissions
> >to hard-core because of a handful of DXers with outmoded computers and
> >software.
> I hope people will take Giovani up on his kind offer to convert these
> formatted files.
>     A better solution would be to post the item in text format in the first
> place. Then it would not have to be converted and re-posted to the entire
> list; thus wasting bandwidth. Most E-mail lists have text-only conventions,
> just like most Usenet groups. Why would you want to exclude anyone?

Yes, but the use of text/ASCII format exclude the posibility of include text
in bold
or underlined. These options help a lot of when you are consulting certain
parts of my work. And, anybody is excluding to anyother! the .WRI format is
near to plain text. If you open the file with any wp, you must only cut some
lines at the beginning and some other at the end to have (more or less) the
original file (but without the bold and underlined text, that appears normal).
And I repeat, I have and AMIGA, other people have Mac's, other who-knows-what,
and I can not release one file
for everyone of your prefered sistems or programs. I have spent part of my
time in producing some in a way THE MAYORITY can use easily.

>     The guy with the slow download may be stuck on some Kermit server, or
> can't afford a new modem. There are too many people with 'computer geek'
> mentality in this hobby. They think that everyone has the same level of
> software /service they do.
>     This is the wrong type of evolution. Just imagine how good this list
> could be if we had hundreds of dxers in the third world with old computers
> and modems. I bet one of them could answer my Unid on 5210 that none of you
> hotshots did.
>     For most people, the computer is a tool, not a hobby. I have better
> things to do with my time/money than waste it on advanced computer service.
> Larry

Are you sure? Is this the wrong way? I really don't know about what are you
Are you saying all of us must to wait to somebody upgrade its modem or learn
to open
a .wri file? Because, I'm really talking about other thing. I'm not talking
about aged computers o rare systems as Windows3.1. I'm talking about comfort.
It is very nice to be sited in front the computer waiting for the stuff other
produce without move one finger...and if I MUST TO WORK a little these must be
the wrong way! All must be in the way I like it!.
Think about that. Wich would be your own procedure? You don't know nothing at
all about computer/Windows/write-files. You receive with effort a file you
don't know how to use. And you are interested in the content. Will you fire
the "guilty"? or Will you send him a polite message asking for help? I bet
these hundreds of dxers from the third world would does the second.

Excuse me if my english is not very good.

And, for all of you who had been writing to my mailbox or to the list (30 more
or less), don't worry I will put the list in HC-DX eachtime I have some
significant change. Thank's to all of you.

Happy new year!