MW: Newfoundland DXpedition V - Preamble
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MW: Newfoundland DXpedition V - Preamble

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The fifth Newfoundland DXpedition took place from November 2 to November
17, 1996, at Cappahayden, Newfoundland, which is about 90 km south of St.
John's.  Although many SW stations were received, this report covers only
the MW catches. The SW catches have appeared in some DX bulletins already
(ODXA's "DX Ontario" and "Fine Tuning," among others).  Our interest in MW
is limited almost exclusively to non-North American stations, so the logs
include only a few North American stations.  We heard approximately 125
countries on MW, and the stations are listed in five (5) subsequent
E-mailings in frequency order by continent.  Full details and some personal
"musings" by the participants will be published in a forthcoming issue of
the National Radio Club's "DX News."

The participants, their dates of participation (UTC) and their receivers were:
Jean Burnell, St. John's, NF      Nov 2-Nov 17    Drake R8A, Icom IC-R-71A
Ben Dangerfield, Wallingford, PA  Nov 3-Nov 7     Drake R8A
Bruce Conti, Nashua, NH           Nov 3-Nov 10    Drake R8A
Neil Kazaross, nr. Chicago, IL    Nov 3-Nov 10    Drake R8A
Dave Clark, Toronto, ON           Nov 9-Nov 14    Drake R8, Drake R8A
John Fisher, Calgary, AB          Nov 9-Nov 15    Icom IC-R71A
Jim Renfrew, Rochester, NY        Nov 11-Nov 17   Drake R8
Mark Connelly, Billerica, MA      parallel DX efforts from Massachusetts,

                                     technical and moral support!

Four terminated Beverage antennas: approx. 1 km towards South Africa & Brazil
                                   approx. 1 km towards Venezuela
                                   2 x 600 m towards northern Europe & India
One remotely tunable "Byan" antenna     350 m towards Brazil

Ancillary equipment:               antenna splitters, phasing units,
                                   cassette recorders, coffee...

Acknowledgment:  It really is a pleasure to thank the following DXers who
kindly responded to my postings of unID's to Hard-Core-DX:  Rocco Cotroneo,
Steve Whitt, Martin Elbe, Joachim Stiller, Mauno Ritola, Joseph Kirlew,
Paul Ormandy, Dave Kenny, Risto Kotalampi, Glenn Ludlow, and Zacharias

With best wishes to all in 1997!

Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada   jburnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx