The Homeservice Project
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The Homeservice Project

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Hello to everyone,

In a few weeks I want to start a new project on the Net. It's called "The
HomeService Project". Its purpose is to collect loggings and information of
local radiostations which have their homeservice in the international
bands above 5800 khz.. It will have a loggings center and an info center,
accessible to all

-- How you can help --
Send your loggings, information and comments to my e-mail address
regularly. I will publish them on my homepage stating the source. Every
week I shall try to update both loggings and information.

The intention is to collect serious loggings and info so that after a while
there will be an overview  of these stations, available to every DX-er
around the world.

Regards from

Hans de Zeeuw
Werkendamstraat 47
1107 KK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

e-mail; zeeuw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: #1. Telefunken ELK 639
                 #2. Sony SW-77.
Antenna: Longwire 6 mtrs. +atu.