Re: Niger 5020
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Re: Niger 5020

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Hello Christoph,

and happy new year.  Indeed, the Solomons *should* be there, and that's why
I was on 5020 at 0700 (Niger wasn't on my "wanted" list).  But a few hundred
kilometers further south, and the Alps in between, make an unfavourable
difference, and the Solomons weren't there: after Niger's s/off, only
background noise (even no carrier: nothing).  We need a better kick by
propagation than you.
Anyway we heard Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tahiti and ZLXA, and sooner or later the
Solomons will make it to Italy too (I hope)!
Thank you for the tip; I'm keeping the frequency under control.


Fabrizio Magrone, Forli, Italy

>>Unluckily, Niger just makes reception of Solomon near to impossible :-(
>Fabrizio, check 5020 around 0710, Solomon Island is here with poor sig, 
>but you can hear it. I hear it last week in Austria! After 0715 RTTY 
>Good DX in 1997,
>Greetings from Salzburg
>Christoph Ratzer