Re: WJNA 1040 address?
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Re: WJNA 1040 address?

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I don't know if this message about collecting qsl's is supposed to be
tongue and cheek,a joke or what.I have been chasing after qsl's since
1965,and consider the receiving of the station,the writing of the
report,the 'goodies'I send them(small pocket calenders,baseball
cards,bumper stickers,post cards from Wisconsin,etc)......and then the
waiting for that day when the mailman finally brings me a letter from
some far flung location.Like a few weeks ago I got a reception report
from Boa Vista,Brazil.......Ya know I looked the place up on a map,and
its in the middle of nowhere!!!!Now to me thats cool.In college  I
studied History,Geography,and Psychology.As a kid I collected stamps,My
mother was a cartographer during WW2,and my "area"in the basement where
my radio and computer stuff is simply covered with maps!My QSLs,either
go into a nice scrap book,or the letters go in a filing type cabinet.Are
they silly and worthless,well I covet them as much as I do my Beatle
Bootlg tapes,my e-mail messages to Roger Mcquinn,formerly of the
Byrds,who is still an active dxer,and my pictures of my family trips
with my significant others!!!!IN  fact,I'm waiting today for more
reception reports.God I love them,they are almost as good as sex,but not
quite,however the qsls do last longer!!!!.....Tom Messer