Re: Wanted: Address of WLVV, 1410 kHz
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Re: Wanted: Address of WLVV, 1410 kHz

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> Today a reception report to WLVV, 1257 Springhill Ave., Mobile AL 36601 was
> returned from the mail. Anybody out there with a new address of this one?

Goodluck with this station Martin.

Michael Rolph & I have been chasing this one for years without luck.. 
Returned mail & countless no answers even after a phone call and promise from 
the station..

Try P.O. Box 40543, Mobile,AL. 36640. (Last Years NRC log)

Hope you have some luck.. Please let us know if you have some success.

  ,-._|\   David Onley. Email: donley@xxxxxxxxxx                    
 /  Oz  \  Mediumwave & Tropical Band DXer.