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Dear friends,

Let me share my latest catches with you:

BOLIVIA   4599,9   Radio Perla del Acre, Cobija   2336-2347   Tentative.
Spanish talk, short instrumental break. SINPO: 24343   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

FRENCH GUIANA   5054,9   RFO, Matoury   2118-2139   French talk, popmusic,
announcements. Signal strength increased while listening: S2 at first,
later S3. SINPO at best: 34343   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

INDONESIA   4753,06   RRI, Ujung Pandang   2230-2237   Female speaker in
Indonesian, RRI ID. SINPO: 24242   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

INDONESIA   4925,0   RRI, Jambi   2204-2210   Male announcer in Indonesian
& something what sounded like reports from correspondents, Love Ambon.
SINPO: 23332   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

NAMIBIA   3270,0   NBC, Windhoek   2100-2107   English ID: "National Radio,
it's eleven o'clock", short news-bulletin, ballad, religious talk.
//3289,9, where NBC suffered from CW-QRM. SINPO on 3270 kHz.: 24343  
(Veldhuis MAR 24)

PERU   3339,9   Radio Altura, Cerro de Pasco   2325-2333   Spanish talk,
clear ID 2332 UTC, LA music. SINPO: 24232   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

PERU   4855,5   Radio La Hora, Cusco   2251-2258   Spanish talk,
"Informacion...", advertisements, tentative ID. Best in USB. SINPO: 24343  
(Veldhuis MAR 24)

SINGAPORE   6155,0   One FM   2316-2320   English advertisements, jingle,
talk, oldies music. SINPO: 33433   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320,0   Radio Sonder Grense, Meijerton   2112-2116  
Several ID's in Afrikaans, address, talk. SINPO: 24232   (Veldhuis MAR 24)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands.
Receivers: AOR AR7030, JRC NRD-535,
	   Lowe HF-150, Sony ICF-7600G
Antenna: Appr. 20 meter longwire + MLB