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Re: Sv: Logs

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>> > UNID 3345 E px, heard several times in May, 2157 s/off with song "Baby
>> come
>> > back" every time, ID: "Voice of ..." (Opalka via Passmann, May)
>> Maybe this is Radio Northern, Papua New Guinea? Listed in WRTH97 till 2200
>> UTC, and with the announcement "Voice of Oro".
>> 73',
>> Mark.

>Last song in the test-transmission of World Music Radio on 3345 and 6290
>kHz was "Baby Come Back" (with Pato Banton) just prior to 2200 UTC on May
>8th, 10th and 11th ... so I guess I must disappoint you guys: No Papua New
>Guinea here.
>Best 73's
>Stig Hartvig Nielsen

Thanks to both of you for the help and also to Peter Witten! PNG would have
been a too difficult catch here in Central Europe, especially as OM Opalka
(the original source for that) reported it several times in May...
Must have been WMR.
73, Willi

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