[HCDX]: Re:Numbers Sta on 9022.00??
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[HCDX]: Re:Numbers Sta on 9022.00??

> Was wondering if anyone has run across this odd snag?
> 11/05/97 0225z 9022.00 unid numbers sta with female (ss?)

>> Yes, this frequency range is often used by Numbers Stations.
>> Do you recall any details of the transmission? Were they 5 digit >>
groups, or
>> 3/2 digit (five digit with a pause between the 3rd and 4th 



 Hey Chris / Group,

 Very good questions re id'ing this particular numbers sta.
Unfortunately I'm not as good gathering info. :)

 However,now that I know what's needed for id'ing,when/if I hear it again
I'll be sure to pay better attention.

 One thing I did notice about this particular trans was the fact that the
normal Iranian trans never did take place,even when the numbers trans
ended.I retuned the 9022.00 freq a few times,for approx an hour,after the
numbers episode.
 I'm wondering if it was indeed an Iranian numbers trans.I noted "ss" as
possible lang but suppose it could have been "aa". ??

 Again,if I hear it again,I'll pay much more attention.


 Al Dudley  ... ajd@xxxxxxxxx ... wash dc metro area
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