[HCDX]: NEWS: North Korea (various)
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[HCDX]: NEWS: North Korea (various)


In addition to my report last week, the heavy jamming against Pyongyang BS
on 6250, first noted Sept. 25, has been increased again and is now observed
throughout the day, 2100-0930 and 1500-1900. Curously, no other SW
frequency seems to be jammed.

By the way, the reason 6250 is off 0930-1500 is because the same
transmitter airs the Voice of National Salvation 1000-1400 on 6005.
Likewise, the Korean Central BS on 6100 goes off 0630-1530 to do Radio
Pyongyang in Japanese 0700-1000 and 1100-1400 on 6070. KCBS on 9665 is off
0930-1730 to air the Voice of National Salvation 1000-1700 on 4120.

Radio Pyongyang's Japanese service has been off the air on 7580 and 9650 at
0700-1000 and 6520 and 7580 at 1100-1400 almost every day since last week.
Sometimes they are back on just one hour, but off again the next. 3250 and
6070 are always on, but reception is poor.


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