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Jascha W. Ruesseler wrote:

> just wanted to tell you that i also hear RSMI on 7395 LSB at 1130 utc
> on sunday with an id-jingle and non-stop mx and sinpo 34443. so them
> were really on both frequencies. at 1130 i could not pick them up on
> 11410 so i don't know whether they used both freqs simultaneously.

Yes they were sometimes on both frequencies.  At 0900 they started with both on the air
but didn't manage to keep the 7395 transmitter long in action.  It was also very
unstable.  The 11410 kHz was more stable and gave also the best reception result here in

BTW did anybody notice that -despite they announced that there will be no announcements-
 I picked up an ID at 1431 and 1500 UTC. That ID was as follows "This broadcast is
coming from the republic of San Marino, this is Radio San Marino International
transmitting on 7395 and 11410 kHz shortwave"

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