[HCDX]: QSL from Radio Malagasy
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[HCDX]: QSL from Radio Malagasy

After years of endless trials, on September 28th, I sent a fax (00261-2-31719)
to them with my reception report.
Totally unexpected, in the today's mail, got a letter containing  a fax
form dtd 22 Oct. (never faxed) confirming all details of my report, asking
for further reports....

V/s  (with a rubber stamp) Le Directeur de R.N.M.   Mamy RAFENOMANANTSOA,
the signature (not completely understandable) could be his name.

As address, mentioning            R.N.M.
                                  B.P.  442 - Anosy
                                  Antananarivo 101

Good luck to all !!!!

Beppe Gornati  


Beppe Gornati                      DSWCI 3299
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Rx     Watkins Johnson
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