[HCDX]: 1020kHz UNID; help pls
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[HCDX]: 1020kHz UNID; help pls

MW DXers,

I just got back from a DX-pedition to Sheigra in Scotland with one mystery
UNID that you might be able to help with.

The latest NRC AM log gives no clues.

UNID on 1020kHz  1115 UTC carrying 1 on 1 Sports. At this time reception from
WA, BC and AB was dying and Alaska was opening (at 1121UTC I heard KIAK

I tried phoning KAXX 1020 as listed in NRC log but phone number is someone's
private no. Also the operator could not find a number for this station. Is it
on air? Does it carry 1on1 sports? Or does someone else on 1020?

Many thanks in advance

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