[HCDX]: Radio Australia QSL
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[HCDX]: Radio Australia QSL

today I received the following letter from Radio Australia concerning
their QSL policy:
"Dear Radio Australia listener,
Thank you for your reception report which we are no longer able to
acknowledge with a personal reply.
The recent budget and subsequent staff cuts here at Radio australia have
alos impacted on the Transmission Management unit. While we are able to
continue to send listeners our Frequency Schedule and Programme Guide,
we no longer have the staff to process verification reports. We
therefore hope you will accept this pro-forma letter as an
acknowledgement of your reception report. These reports have beome even
more important now that our broadcasts are confined to our two remaining
transmission sites in Brandon in Queensland and Shepparton in Victoria.
I look forward to receiving reception reports from you in the future and
apologise again for being unable to send you a QSL card as requested.
Yours sincerely,
Nigel Holmes
Transmission Manager"
All the best to you all,
                      Klaus Köhler
                      Ortsstr. 38
                      D-07330 Oberloquitz
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