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 The programme content of JukeBox Memories on 864 kHz
 was interesting this morning at 0435: back to 1966 with ''Sunny''
 by Bobby Hebb, followed by OM announcing Saturday Programme
 on KJR (KJR, Seattle, still on 950 kHz). I transcribed this commercial:

Plymouth jingle, then:

Dealer: I'm a Plymouth dealer, I deal in men and right now I'm
giving the best deal ever on that deal, fast moving, fastback
the Plymouth Baccaruda.

Young man: Hey man, the name of the Plymouth fastback is the

Dealer: I know...I can't pronounce Baccaruda!

Young man: Hey, that is a bad thing, man, like you being a Plymouth
dealer and not being able to say Barracuda!

Dealer: I'm hip, I mean, I know...

Young man: Oh well, look man, try this...

Dealer: What?

Young man (begins to sing and swing and the dealer sings and
swings along): BA-BA-RA-RA-CU-CU-DA-DA..... that's it man!

Dealer: BA-BA-RA-BA-CU-CU-DA-DA..... Yeah, still not right, huh?

Young man: Well, it isn't Barracuda, man, but I think we got a hit

Part of ''hit'' follows.

OM IDs again, mentions Seattle and ''Wipe out'' by the Chantays
is played. 

JukeBox Memories fades away. 

                                73        Piet
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