[HCDX]: TFW 43 2/3
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[HCDX]: TFW 43 2/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997  Part  2
Year  2   Number 43  - Rome,  19 November  1997 

1500- 7120- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Waves Int. via IRRS 16/11  Mx and ID in E 
33333  ---PECOLATTO,Italy/Radiorama PirateNews November #  3

1500- 9230- SUDAN- Voice of Truth, Unidentified, 14/11, 15.00 UTC s/on,
male Arabic speaker, Qoran prayers and talks, stronger than sister
station Voice of Free Eritrea at 14.15 UTC, but they definitely use the
same transmitter. SINPO 34333. ---SCHAAY, The Netherlands

1520- 4003.21- INDONESIA- RRI Padang 11/11 Indonesian pop songs, Love
Ambon, Id and nx 24332 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

1540- 4865.01- CHINA PR- Gansu PBS in Chinese  17/11  1540-1600*, W tlk
in low modulation, lcl mx, ancmts & chat by M W, ment Zhonguo, lcl song
and tlk, ID during tlk by W M, S/OFF at 1600. (QRM birdies and voices
QRN statics) Poor  ---SERRA, Italy 

1540-3945- INDIA- AIR Gorakhpur  11/11 Nx in E.  s.off 15.45 34333 ---

1550- 4760- INDIA- AIR Port Blair 11/11  Reports in E, AIR id //4800
23332 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

1620- 7225- SRI LANKA- Deutsche Welle relay in English  hrd in // Rwanda
relay fqys 7120  9735 (under Ukraine co-ch) & 11810, and // Germany site
fqys 9585 (mix with V.o.Russia co-ch) 13750 & 15145,  1620-1629, pgm
Newslink, presented by M (world topical nx, interviews, corresp.s,
external reports, mx breaks and ID s...till 1629, then some // fqys
split in other pgm) (QRM splat)  F ---SERRA, Italy November 17

1633- 6055.2-  RWANDA- Radio Rwanda 02/11 Talks in F and mx 33533 ---

1634- 5009.55- MADAGASCAR- Radio Madagascar  10/11 Talks in M. 34433 ---

1637- 4499.94- CHINA PR- Xinjiang PBS in CH 18/11  1637-1650*, M W tlk
with many ment of Zhonguo....till 1646, western pop mx pause, W ID as
China R.Int. and ancmt over mx, S/OFF at 1650 (horrible strong QRM by
two Eastern European MM voices in USB, exactly on the same fqy (!!!)...
till 1644, and again from 1648 till 1650 !!!) Fair to Poor when voices
on air ---SERRA, Italy

1657- 15240- SOUTH AFRICA- Channel Africa in EG 1657*-1720, S/ON,
continuous IS, and M ID s in EG following W ID in Portuguese, TP at
1700, M tc, fqy quote, mx bridge into nx till 1705....that's the news
from Channel Africa, ancmt into African topical nx, with corresp.s, ID
s, external services, stock exchange. (strong signal here in Roma: S. 9
- 9+10, although strong local QRM splat by Roma RAI International on
15230 kHz from 1659, with bird chirping IS and pgm in Italian ) Fair
---SERRA, Italy November 18

1700- 9330.1- PAKISTAN-  R. Pakistan  *1700-1900*  The Urdu transmission
is now here ex-11570v; fair level but highly variable (to say the least)
audio. Also squeezed between carrier on low side and CW station sending
5-letter coded groups on high side. ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 11

1703- 5027.1- PAKISTAN- Radio Pakistan Quetta 10/11 News in Urdu (p)
read by a female, bad modulation, //4790 33433 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

1714- 5050- TANZANIA- Radio Tanzania 10/11 Talks in local lang. and Id
23432 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

1726- 4800- INDIA- AIR Hyderabad in EG / VN  // 4940 kHz (vy poor) and
4950 kHz(poor) 16/11  1726-1736, W tlk, ID, M brief ancmt & Indian
songs, M ancmt and ID, mx, M: All India Radio, the news, read by... (nx
at 1730 till 1735), then pgm in VN Fair / poor ---SERRA, Italy

1744- 3932- PIRATE EUROPE- Union R. 15/11 Dutch mx,ID in It,E 33333 
---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1749- 3910- CLANDESTINE- V.o.Iran Communists in poss Farsi  16/11  1749,
western pop song, M ancmt and wester pop mx pause, M tlk with many ment
of comunisti  Iran, mx pause, ancmt with poss ID, pres The International
choral anthem (sorry, I do not well remember it), then end pgm at 1757
UT F / P ---SERRA, Italy 

1830- 5750- TAJIKISTAN- Tajik R.  1830  Here and on // 5800 with exotic
flute music and male vocals; man in Turkic language (no doubt Tajik or
Uzbek) at 1845, followed by woman at 1850. Resumed flute music, which
now sounded more Western (a la Zamfir), interspersed with comments by
man and woman. Both outlets off at 1900 as per sked. Weak/fair, with TV
oscillator birdies not helping reception. ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 14

1842- 6055- RWANDA- Radio Rwanda, Kigali   1842-1858   Male speaker in
French, frequent mention of Rwanda, "Boat on the River" by Boney M,
vernacular talk, Afropop. Slovakia on at 1857 with IS and IDs. SINPO at
best: 44444 ---VELDHUIS, The Netherlands  NOV 9

1900- 5020- SOLOMON ISLAND- SIBC 13/11 Start with national anthem (slow
music, drum and chorus), news, songs, talks, faded out 19.37 24322 ---

1902- 3909.6- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Roberto 15/11 Rock-pop mx,ID and QTH in
E  33333  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1915- 5951- YEMEN- Rep. of Yemen R.  1915-2210*  What I originally
thought might be Guyana here turns out to be a Middle Eastern station
with Arabic talk and vocal music typical of the region. Time pips are
given at 2030, but there is never any break on the hour. The most likely
candidate is Yemen's nominal 5950, seldom reported but still active per
overseas DXers. Although it's definitely not 9780v, both leave the air
within a few seconds of each other -- so a possibility is Sana'a with
two separate programs. What with the weak signal and splatter from
RFE/5955, it's been impossible to get anything resembling an ID. Once
WYFR comes on 5950 at 2200, all that's left of 5951 is a faint het
audible till 2210*.  ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 11+

1925- 3932- PIRATE EUROPE- Union R. 14/11 Dutch mx,ID in It,F,E,Dutch 
33333 ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3   

1928- 5840- UNID- Unid  1928  On Nov. 11 and 12 only, high-energy man
and woman in Portuguese with pop vocals, rap crap, telephone interviews.
Long string of ads and/or promos just before 1930, then four high pips,
ID mentioning 24 hours, FM, and Africa; continued with more ads/promos
and several mentions of "Lisboa." Another ad string at 1945; cut off at
2000 in mid-sentence. Sounded much like the old VORGAN, but was not //
6220. Good signal with bright audio, but copy was hampered by loud
power-line noise. What makes this unusually baffling is that ever since
Nov. 12, the station here at *1900-2000* has been Polish R. in Russian ,
as totally different in content and sound from my unID as night is from
day. One possibility, unlikely as it might seem, is that Warsaw might
have been testing this transmitter for a few days using a signal from
some other source. Very strange.--- HILL, MA, USA

1942- 5060.2- UNID- Unid R.  1942  Somebody with Middle Eastern and
Balkan-sounding vocals segued till 2001, when audio was cut in mid-song
and the switch was pulled about 15 seconds later, leaving Tashkent in
the clear on 5060. ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 14

1946- 5060.2- UNID- Tashkent??, 1946-2001*, Nothing but mid-east type mx
w/wailing vcls right to abrupt s/off in mid-song. No anmnts. Tashkent is
sked here but the pgmming and freq doesn't sound quite like them.
---VALKO,  USA15 Nov.) 

1946- 6915- SOMALIA- R. Mogadishu, V. of the Masses  in USB 1946  Local
vocal, man in Somali; usual tinny phone-quality sound with low speech
audio. Had been on 6930 only a few days ago; currently unheard on any
channel. ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 9

1956- 11804.74- BRAZIL- R.Globo in PT 1956-2016, Braz song, M canned ID:
Radio Globoooooooo ! M ancmts with ID, advs & tlk, prayer and song Ave
Maria, M canned ancmts, jingles 6 tlk, advs, jingles, ID with whistles,
chat by MM for Brazilian Soccer Championship (my prohibited dream...
Italy vs Brazil at World Soccer Cup Final Match in France 1998 !!) Fair
/ poor  ---SERRA, Italy November 17

2005- 11814.95- BRAZIL- Radio Brasil Central, Goiânia, 14/11, 20:05 male
speakers with ID and slogans, sports reports, SINPO 44444 ---SCHAAY,The

2009- 11704.97- BRAZIL- Radio Nova Visao, Santa Maria, 14/11 20:09
tentative, male Brazilian speaker, advertisements, SINPO 25222
---SCHAAY,The Netherlands 

2016- 7146.9- IRAQ- Mother of Battles R.  2016  Probably Baghdad
observed in passing with woman in Arabic; fair level but low audio. Only
a faint het when rechecked just after 2100. Haven't noted this one for
perhaps a year or so:  recent reactivation? ---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 15

2019- 9725- BRAZIL- Radio Clube Paranaense, Curitiba,  9725.00, 14/11,
20:19 male Brazilian sports reporter, advertisements, tentative ID,
SINPO 25342. ---SCHAAY,The Netherlands

2021- 11814.97- BRAZIL- R.Brasil Central in PT 2021-2028, M Ad, jingle,
M excited tlk abt Braz Soccer Championship (with MM chat) (at 2024 brief
splat RAI Radio Roma bird chirping IS). Fair  ---SERRA, Italy November

2030- 6230-  GEORGIA- R. Georgia  *2030  After Tashkent s/off at 2024
and what seemed a gospel station closed at 2030, Tbilisi finally alone
on the channel opening Russian with several "Radiostantsiya Gruziya" IDs
and into news. Fuzzy audio characteristic of all Tbilisi transmitters
these days. This channel apparently replaces 11760. ---HILL, MA - USA, 
Nov. 15

2031- 11925- BRAZIL- R. Bandeirantes in PT //  9644.98 (Poor / Fair) 
2031- 2050, MM W advs with jingles, MM local politic chat, M ancmt,
jingle and M ID with slogan at 2040, tlk and advs, again tlk by MM WW,
advs, jingle anf TP at 2045 mix with tlk, M ID: Bandeirantes, ancmt &
tlk, advs & jingles, M wrp, again advs, mx break and continuing politic
tlk (QRM splat)  Fair ---SERRA, Italy November 17

2050- 4095.2- CLANDESTINE Kurdistan - V. of the People of Kurdistan 
(fqy var) Presumed VOPK up from 4080.6v with Kurdish talk and brief
orchestral bridges; cut off at 2050 after choral march. ---HILL, MA -
USA, Nov. 10

2057- 9565.04- BRAZIL- R. Universo (pres) in PT 2057-2100, M excited tlk
for pres rel sermon, mx pause & unclearancmt with poss ID (strong QRM
buzzzzz)......at 2100 stopped by V.o.America  on 9565 kHz, with  M ID in
English, brief Yankee Doodle IS into pgm in Ukrainian // 7180 kHz) Fair
/ poor / Avoid from 2100 UT ! ---SERRA, Italy November 17 

2130- 7105- UZBEKISTAN- R Tashkent, IS 2130, then into English. News and
usual features with mostly woman announcers, music after 2145, frequent
Ids including address for reports at s/off 2159. Normally a morning
visitor here in NJ, this is a fairly decent signal on the high antenna
(must mean that it is arriving at a low angle). Wonder if this time slot
is new? Best tuned using a SSB filter to eliminate any USA radio amateur
packet and CW interference. At 2200, IS for Uzbek Radio and into unknown
language. ---SUNDSTROM,  NJ USA Nov 12

2150- 4777- GABON- RTV Gabonaise 11/10 2150 noted with African music and
talk in French, ID into news in French at 2200 fair to poor signal.

2153- 4925- INDONESIA- RRI Jambi 05/11 Songs, Love Ambon, Id, News 35433

2157- 3450- LIBERIA- R. Veritas(?), 2157-2203*, Political tlk by W in EG
ending w/the W giving her name, and fanfare. M anncr at 2200 w/ID
sounding like "Veritas" and ment of "English broadcast" and wished
everyone "the very best". Canned anmnt by M beginning w/audience SFX and
echo: "...Liberian front, this is ? home of ? radio station...from our
studios in Monrovia Liberia on the beautiful west coast of Africa...".
Started Afro Reggae-like mx and suddenly off in mid-song. Decent signal
but lcl QRM prevented me from getting 100% copy. ---VALKO,  USA15 Nov.) 

2205- 4835- MALI- RTV Malienne 11/10 2205 noted with African music, talk
in French, fair to poor signal with QRM from Spanish-speaking station.

2210- 4870 - BENIN- ORTB Cotonou11/10 2210 noted with light vocal music
(including "What A Wonderful World") and talk in French, good to fair
signal. ---BUENEMAN, MO, USA

2233- 3366- GHANA- GBC Radio 2 11/10 2233 noted with Classical music,
talk, ID at 2300 into news in English. Fair to local-like signal.

2238- 3926- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Spaceman 15/11 Country-rock mx,ID in E 
33333  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

2248- 6219- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 15/11 Pop mx,px in E(tent.) 
22232  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

2259- 4925- INDONESIA- RRI Jambi 10 / 11 Love Ambon, id, nx 44444 ---

2304- 3339.9- PERU- Radio Altura, Cerro de Pasco (tentative)  
2304-2316   Male speaker in Spanish, music, echo-effect in what sounded
like advertisements, "Noticias...". SINPO: 24232  ---VELDHUIS, The
Netherlands NOV 11

2319- 3250.8- PERU- Radio Comas Television (tentative)   2319-2328  
Folk music, Spanish talk, advertisements, mention of "America Latina".
SINPO: 24232 ---VELDHUIS, The Netherlands NOV 11

2335- 4835- MALI- RTV Malienne Adriano Pappalardo's song. as Mai dire
gol! Italian TV pgm 54454  --- BERNARDINI, Italy

2348- 5012.8- DOMINICAN  REP- Radio Cristal 10/11 Talks, id, mx 34433

2350- 9737.34- PARAGUAY- R.N.Paraguay  12/11 Talks in Spanish 25422 9.20
7395.0 9/11  Radio San Marino International Songs non stop, LSB, Bad
modulation S=8/9 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

2350- 9750- MALAYSIA- Suara Malaysia 2350 , 13 /11 news in indoensian
33333 ??? 7740 RFI 0015 , 14/11 ID of station as RFI radio MOndiale FF
program 33323 i wonder if it is a spurious freq or a link QRG ---
LIANGAS, Thessalloniki,  Greece

2357- 11940.4- CAMBODIA- National R. of Cambodia  2357  Carrier came on,
but then no audio whatsoever till 0030, when woman's voice could be only
faintly discerned. Too bad they had to pick this night for audio
problems, as the carrier was quite steady, without any of the choppy
flutter that's usually present. Signal must have been coming over a
skewed, rather than polar, path. ---HILL, MA - USA  Nov. 15-16


ANTARCTICA - LRA 36 R.Nacional on 15476, fd card with the kind help of
Gabriel Ivan Barrera, in 6 months (P.Cody, Ireland/DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

BRAZIL - R.Nova Visao on 11705, fd card V/s Jose Eduardo Dias, QTH: R.
Transmundial, C.P. 19000, 04699-970 Vila Alexandria, Sao Paulo, Brasil,
in 1 year and 3 months for 1 USD (P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

BRAZIL - R.Marumby on 9665, certificate V/s Claudiney Nunes, in 1 year
and 1 month (P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

COLOMBIA - La voz del guaviare on 6035, pd card in 1 month for 1 USD
(P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

ECUADOR - HCJB on 9415 and 9745, fd card, sticker, info in 14-34 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

GEORGIA - V.o.Hope, Tbilisi on 12120, QSL card, info in 2 months
(M.Decock, Belgium / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

GREECE - VOA Kavala (9760 kHz)-Mount Rainier QSL card in three weeks.
(Bueneman-MO, USA)

KOREA, NORTH - R.Pyongyang on 9650, fd card, nx paper in 34 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

KOREA, SOUTH - R.Korea Int. on 5975, fd card, report form in 57 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

MALAWI - MBC Blantyre on 3380, fd letter V/s E.K. Lungu in 6 weeks for 2
IRC s (P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

MEXICO - R.Mil on 6010, fd letter after f/up (did not get my original
rpt), V/s Zoila Quintana Flores, in 1 year and 7 months (P.Cody, Ireland
/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

PERU - R.Atlantida on 4790, pd letter after 2 f/ups, via Carmela Lopez
Paredes, producer of Trocha Turistica, in 2 years and 9 months for 1 USD
(P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

PHILIPPINES - FEBC on 11995, fd card, letter,  px guide, in 71 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

PIRATE EUROPE- R. West 3909.6    f/d letter in 18 days for 1 IRC
(W.Mola, Italy/Gatflash! # 109)  

PIRATE EUROPE- R. Roberto 3909.6 f/d folder stickers box 185 7470 AD
Goor NL in 14 days for 1 IRC  (W.Mola, Italy/Gatflash! # 109)  

POLAND- R. Marya 7400 Ul. Zwirki i Wiguri 80 87-100 Torun folder letter
redakcjia informacyjna v/s Jacek Cyddzik  no irc  45 days  (R.
Pavanello, Italy/Gatflash! # 109)

RUSSIA - R.Maryja on 12010, letter, sticker, info in 33 days for 1 IRC
(L.Roithmeir, United Kingdom / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

SAO TOME E PRINCIPE  - VOA Sao Tome (6035 kHz)-Rafting on the Poudre
River card in three weeks. (Bueneman-MO, USA)

SEYCHELLES - FEBA on 9795, fd card, info in 50 days (M.Mitsuali, Japan/

SWAZILAND - TWR manzini on 9510, fd card, schedules in 14 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

THAILAND - R.Thailand on 11850, fd card in 170 days (M.Mitsuali, Japan/

TURKMENISTAN - Turkmen R. on 5015, fd letter after 2 f/ups, V/s G.
Khanmamedov in 1 yer and 8 months (P.Cody, Ireland / DSWCI SWN Nov 97)

USA- WLAM 1470 912 Washington Street Auburn Maine 04210 USA  qsl  in 210
days for 1 IRC  (R. Pavanello, Italy/Gatflash! # 109)

VIETNAM - V.o.Vietnam on 9840, fd card, sticker, px guide in 68 days
(M.Mitsuali, Japan/ DSWCI SWN Nov 97)
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