[HCDX]: TFW 43 1/3
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[HCDX]: TFW 43 1/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997  Part  1
Year  2   Number 43  - Rome,  19 November  1997 
QTH: via Francesco Belloni 50-00147 Roma (EUR) Italy
PHONE: +39 6 5126255 
FAX: +39 6 5126262
E-MAIL: g.serra@xxxxxx
The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright 1997 - newsletter edited by 
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.

TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter, 
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of  
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or 
    transmitted with appropriate credit as well TFW as the last source, 
    unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission. 
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. 
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please, 
    drop me a line.   
loggings in order of  time;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;  
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local 
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor; 
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

1)  The last famous words....despite I stated to be really busy cause
very hard studying of management, executive skill programs etc. stages,
I have found time for radiolistening and TFW. Thanks for studying
itself, I am utilizing some techniques for using time successfully. 
Please, do not consider my last message: radiolistening is stronger than
me ! (hi !) 

2) Cause some problems with Italia On Line Pop Mail Client, may be some
e-mails of yours were lost into cyberspace, and you could not find some
tips of yours on this TFW issue. I apologize for this inconvenience.  

3)  I hope to have no DX problems at my new apartment (an attic), only
two blocks away from my parent's home where I am living now till next
springtime: no space problem for antenna.  As I found a world map, some
(may be) old rare QSL cards and some coax cables etc,  I was amazed to
see that it belonged to a Radio Ham, unfortunately died some years ago.

4) As usual, during Christmas Holidays (around 20 December 97 till 6
January 98 here in Italy) I have to suspend DX-ing here at my present
QTH, cause Christmas intermittent lights with no filters and
interferring with radiolistening
(continuous...tzzak...tzzak...tzzak...). May be I ll go for few days to
my summer QTH in Anzio with Sony ICF 2001 D during next Seasonal
Holidays. TFW On Line will be e-mailed regularly.  Thanks again for
continuing to e-mail your contributions. ' 73 and good DX, Gianni Serra,
TFW & TFW On Line editor

Thank you  for all our Contributors !

BOB HILL, Littleton, MA - USA for DX Report via e-mail   RX: Sony
ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters  - an old Radio West ferrite loop ANT: a
dipole about 75 meters long and about 12 meters
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) - Italy  for Radiorama-Pirate News
November #  3  via e - mail    RX:  Kenwood  R-5000 - Yaesu FRT-7700 
ANT:  15 meters LW - 12 meters dipole - loop & Daiwa AF - 606K filter < 
http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <  http://www.radiorama.it >
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA  via e-mail    RX: JRC NRD-535D - Collins
R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
DSWCI - ShortWave  News, Denmark  # 11  November 1997  <
http://swl.sds.se/ > 
ERIC BUENEMAN, Hazelwood, MO - USA   RX: Sangean ATS-803A  - Realistic
DX-400  ANT:  MFJ-1778 G5RV
FLAVIO GOLZIO, Italy for Gatflash! #  109 e # 110 via e-mail CO.RAD. web
page:< http://www.net4u.it/ari/corad.htm >
GIAMPIERO BERNARDINI, Chieti - Italy  via e-mail   RX AOR AR 7030 -
Kenwood R5000 - Lowe HF150 (Jps Nir 12 DSP)   ANT: DX10 RF Systems  - DX
One Pro 
GIOVANNI  SERRA, Roma - Italy (ed.)   RX:  JRC NRD 525     ANT:  Alpha
Delta DX SWL-S Sloper  (40 feet)  & JPS NIR 10 filter
GLENN HAUSER ( GH ), Enid OK - USA  for  SW/DX Report 97-21, Nov 13,
1997 via e-mail    < http://www.grove.net/~ghauser/ >.
HORACIO A. NIGRO, Montevideo-Uruguay via e-mail   RX: Grundig YB400  
ANT.:   randomwire 25m long Welcome !
MARK VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands via e-mail    RX: AOR AR7030 - JRC
NRD-535 - Lowe HF-150 -Sony ICF-SW7600G   ANT: Appr. 20 meter longwire +
MLB and RF Systems SP-2 antenna splitter
MICHIEL SCHAAY,  Doorn - The Netherlands  via e-mail   RX: AOR AR7030  
ANT.: RF-Systems T2FD and MK1
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires - Argentina  via e-mail     RX: SONY ICF
2010  ANT..  Longwire 15 mts   RX:  SONY ICF- SW 7600G ANT.: Longwire 25
mts + Aurora Impedance matcher
RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ R., Santafe de Bogota D.C. - Colombia   via  e-mail RX:
Sony ICF 2010, ony ICF 7600G, Sangean 813   ANT.: Longwire 10 mtrs and
Palomar Loop Antena for MW 
TAKAYUKI INOUE NOZAKI  (TIN) , Tokyo - Japan  for Relampago Dx #
16/NOV/1997    via e-mail  
THOMAS R. SUNDSTROM, Vincentown,  NJ - USA ( via e - mail )  RX: JRC NRD
535  - Lowe HF-150    ANT: 100m inverted-L, top about 30m off the ground
(for NRD 525 ) - 25m wire running vertically into the top of a tree (
for Lowe HF-150 ) TRS Consultants < http://www.trsc.com >   <
Contributing Editor, Radio Netherlands' < http://www.rnw.nl > Media
Network >< Contributing Editor, "Radio and Communications",ACP Syme
Magazines < http://www.trsc.com/rc_aus.html > < Contributing Editor,
Radio, Suite 101 < http://www.suite101.com >
ZACHARIAS LIANGAS, Thessalloniki - Greece (via e-mail)   RX:  Lowe HF
150 - Philips 2935 - Sony ICF 7600 D   ANT:  6 meters sloper  ATU hand
made  - 11 m hor ( for 40 m - 60 m ) - 6 m antenna tilted upward   < 
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas/central.htm  ><
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html  > (mirrored for greek
pirate radio )

Loggings in order of  TIME - Freq. - Country

0000- 9650.1- URUGUAY- Emisora Ciudad de Montevideo (presumed) 13/11
Sport, football game 15421 --- BERNARDINI, Italy

0016- 7770- CHINA PR- CNR 2 (from WRTH ) 0016 OM speaking in CC  ,33333
--- LIANGAS, Thessalloniki,  Greece

0018- 4865- BRAZIL- Radio Alvorada, Londrina, Portuguese, Religious
program, (Take a satelital signal of Radio Cançao Nova Px A biblia dia a
dia) ID by female announcer  "Radio Alvorada  cerra sua transmiçao..."
SINPO 23222 00.18- 005.59* s/off November 14, 1997 --- ERAMO  Argentina

0023- 5000- VENEZUELA- Observatorio Naval Cagigal 11/11 Pips & Ids 23432

0030- 7185- MYANMAR- R. Myanmar  *0030  Presumably Yangon with carrier
coming on at 0027, then exotic orchestral music featuring lots of
percussion, followed by woman with opening announcements at 0032. Very
weak and choppy, and rapidly faded below audibility (sunrise there is
about 0000 at this time of year). Getting a decent logging of this one
is exceptionally challenging, in fact, the only time I've ever been able
to was about 20 years ago from California around mid-December when a
grayline path enhanced reception. Even at that, it was no powerhouse.
---HILL, MA - USA, Nov. 11, 12

0101- 5905- GERMANY- R. New Nigeria, 0101-0142+, Usual political pgm by
W anncr starting the pgm w/the same canned ID as hrd previously. Played
Soul song called "The Fighter", and aired live tlks and interviews from
various conferences. Went on past 0142, so prob. going 1 hour now
instead of 1/2 hour like before. Hrd on this NF pounding in. ---VALKO, 
USA 16 Nov.

0105- 4880- INDIA- All India Radio, Lucknow, Local language, musical
program, female and man announcer comments and news ID, "...All India
Radio .." 01.05  01.25 SINPO 2222, November 14, 1997 --- ERAMO Argentina

0110- 5027- PAKISTAN- Radio Pakistan, Quetta 13/11  Religious song 24432

0138- 4755- BRAZIL -Radio Eduçao Rural, Campo Grande, Portuguese,
Musical Program, advertsiments, ID, Time check " veintres horas em Campo
Grande" 01.38 - 02.00 SINPO23222 November 11, 1997  ---ERAMO,  Argentina

0200- 7205- UZBEKISTAN- R. Tashkent 0200 mx and talk pgm till 0230 when
IS and ID by woman, w/ several "vatandosh" heard, and then nice mx
selection. Excellent. ---NIGRO, Uruguay, Nov.12

0203- 4914.6- PERU- Radio Cora, Lima, Spanish, Religious program(Voz de
la Liberación) 02.03 - 03.00 ID and time check " Hasta aqui el programa
La Voz de la Liberación por Radio Cora" "En Radio Cora son las diez de
la noche" SINPO 23332 November 11, 1997 ---ERAMO,  Argentina

0208- 4935- KENYA- KBC Nairobi, English, Musical Program, female and man
announcer, comments about Kenya, ID "This is KBC" 02.08 ? 02.49 November
12, 1997 SINPO 22222 --- ERAMO, Argentina

0215- 7225- INDIA- AIR Delhi, *0215 IS and s/on pushtu pgm, ancmt by
female, then subcont mx, vy good carrier but low audio at times. Checked
also //9910 (Aligarh) under heavy splash from 9915 BBC Ascencion, 11735
(Bangalore), vy good, no QRM, 13620 (Bangalore) vy weak and almost
unusable ---NIGRO, Uruguay, Nov. 12

0229- 6980- COSTA RICA- (USB) Radio For Peace International, Santa Ana,
English, man and female announcer music and comments Id and address,
02.29  03.02 "..our address Radio For Peace International P.O.Box 88,
Santa Ana, Costa Rica..." SINPO 22222 November 15, 1997 --- ERAMO,

0234- 7141.9- PERU- R. Ayabaca 0234*, man w/ closing ancmts, followed by
NA to s/off. Poor, het caused from stn on 7140 and QRN. ---NIGRO,
Uruguay, Nov. 10

0257- 4815- ECUADOR- R. El Buen Pastor, 0257-0307*, Lively LA Pop mx, M
anncr tlk w/ID as "? desde Saraguro, frecuencia ? banda de 60 metros, R.
Buen Pastor". Same canned s/off anmnts by M over instru. HC mx at 0303,
and instru. HC NA 0305-0307, and off. Have been hearing this fairly well
nightly but haven't been able to ID until now. Always has the same s/off
routine. Rich McVicar says the live M anncr I hrd was the same as was at
the stn 2 years ago when he was in Ecuador. Rich also says they may have
"tweeked" the xmtr and antenna which may explain their better signal
now. ---VALKO,  USA 15 Nov. 

0302- 3139.96- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC- R. Amanecer Int., 0302-0309, While
looking for Madagascar, found this 2 X 1570 harmonic. Tlk by soft-spoken
M, light instru. mx, M again w/ID at 0309. Nothing hrd on 6025.
---VALKO,  USA 16 Nov.) 

0315- 4845- BOLIVIA- Radio Fides, La Paz , Spanish , man announcer,
coments about internal election at principal University of La Paz,
music, ID 03.15 ? 03.20 time checks "son las once y cuarto de la noche
"..de Radio Fides con mucho cariño...." SINPO 23332 November 15, 1997
--- ERAMO, Argentina

0440- 4950- ANGOLA -Radio Nacional de Angola, Portuguese, Female
Announcer, Musical and Comments program, ID 04.40  - 04.50  ".....per a
Radio Nacional da Angola..." SINPO 22222 November 10, 1997 ---ERAMO, 

0520- 4825- BRAZIL- Radio Cançao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, Portuguese,
musical and religious program, man announcer,advertsitments, ID
"...Radio Cançao Nova.." 05.20 ? 05.28 November 12, 1997 SINPO 23222,
--- ERAMOArgentina

0744- 12256- PIRATE EUROPE- Wrekin R.Int. 16/11  Pop mx,ID in E  23332 
---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

0750- 7500- PIRATE EUROPE-R.Internazionale 16/11 Mx non stop,ID in It,E 
33333  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November#  3

0846- 6219- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 16/11  Mx and px in E(tent.)
22232  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

0855- 7480- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Benelux  16/11  Mx non stop,ID in G  23332 
---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

0904- 6251.8- PIRATE EUROPE- Star Club R. 16/11  Mx '60,ID in F,G,E  
22332  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

0955- 6299- PIRATE EUROPE- Farmers from Holland 16/11  Dutch mx,ID in
Dutch,E   33333  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

0958- 6280- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid R. Mx rock16/11  pop,px in E  22222 
---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1005- 6255- PIRATE EUROPE- RFM(it is correct?) 16/11  Mx
pop-rock,ID,Belfast box in E   22232  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama
Pirate News November #  3

1026- 7205.66- PERU- R. Difusora para donde(?) Huarmaca, *1026-1045,
s/on w/instru. OA NA, s/on ID anmnt by M w/slight echo over slow mx: "?
buenos nuevo...aqui nuevamente R. Difusora para donde(?) Huarmaca. Desde
la ? radio ?rama y Peruano. Once ? guardia...", then pgm "Buenos Dias
Ameno Camposino"; campo mx w/M anncr between songs giving TCs, IDs, pgm
name, etc. Anmnt at 1043 "(TC) en su programa amaneciendo(?)...R.
Difusora para donde(?) Huarmaca ...manana...casa en...amor...", and also
ment of Francisco ? and Huancavelica. Clear signal. Freq doesn't vary a
hair. Set radio in time mode to 7205.66 and that's exactly where the stn
signed on!! Pretty unusual for an OA. Even better signal the next day;
stronger and clear. ---VALKO, USA 11 Nov.

1042- 4571.1- PERU- R. Gotos del Oro (fqy var), 1042, End of campo song,
W anncr w/ID and tlk, ment of Cerro de Pasco, and another ID, back to
mx. Fair. Freq highly variable as usual. ---VALKO,  USA 14 Nov.) 

1051- 7205.66- PERU- R. ??, 1051-1125, Tnx Bob Hill tip!!  Pgm called
"Buenos Dias Sur Mano(?) Camposino"; nice OA campo mx, Huaynos
included!!  M anncr between songs w/TCs, pgm name, and ID at 1101. 
Played a very slow instru. version of "El Condor Pasa" at 1055-1057. 
1055 anmnt ment of pgm name sev. times. 1101 anmnt sounded like this
"...(time)  su programa "Buenos Dias Sur Mano(?)
Camposino"...camposinos...Radio(?) Huarmaca, Radio Corazon(?), a radio
vida el servicio del pueblo...".  I'm not 100% sure of the mention of
"radio" before Huarmaca or "Corazon", or the "Sur Mano" in the pgm name,
but that's what it sounds like.  Long tlk 1104-1110 but it faded at this
time plus there was presumably a Ham tuning up as well.  Stayed in
weakly past 1125 when I gave up.  Freq steady.  Fairly decent signal
prior to fade around 1105.  If this stays in, I'm sure it will be IDed
quickly.  Hrd on 10 Nov.  Tnx again Bob!! (Valko, USA) --- Checked out
this Peruvian again this morning (11 / 11).  Set the NRD-535D and the
recorder to turn on at 1000 in hopes of catching this one signing on.
Fortunately the station was again right on 7205.66 and I got it on
tape.  I don't know the exact time but it did sign on with the OA NA
around 1030. The ID sound like "Radio Difusora para donde Huarmaca". 
The only part I'm not sure of is the "para donde".  The sign on ID
announcement mentions "nuevo" a couple times so I presume its a new
station.  Was coming in pretty well.  Will listen to the full tape
tonight.  Thanks again to the old 49 meter sleuth Bob Hill!! ---VALKO,

1155- 6263- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid 16/11  Mx(Cure)pop,ID(?) and box in
Holland in E  23322  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November
#  3

1158- 4940- INDIA- AIR Guwahati, *1158, IS, and into tlk by M, but
couldn't copy ID if there was one due to the Chinese stn being to strong
on top. Many other Indians on 60 meters hrd this morning w/4920 being
best as usual. ---VALKO,  USA 16 Nov. 

1206- 21454.9- ECUADOR- HCJB, Pifo   1206-1215   Excellent reception of
English service with religious talk and sports news, music, promo and
ID. SINPO: 34444  //12005 kHz. //15115 kHz. (echo effect). ---VELDHUIS,
The Netherlands NOV 14

1210- 6275- PIRATE EUROPE- Subterranean Sounds(?)16/11  Mx,pirate
info,ID(?) in E    23332  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News
November #  3

1220- 7120- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Waves Int. via IRRS 15/11 Mx,ID in F,E  
33333  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1227- 4820- UNID- Unid R.  1227-1235, Flaming speech by M. Different M
at 1232 recheck sounding like RS or RS-like lang. Didn't check at BoH as
I was on 4895 Kurseong. Was in a speech again at 1240. Could this be
Kazakhstan?? ---VALKO,  USA 16 Nov.) 

1233- 6541.2- VIETNAM- Cao Bang BS (pres.), 1233, Vcl mx. Usual
distorted audio w/wobbly varying carrier. Weak. ---VALKO,  USA 16 Nov.) 

1237- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London 16/11  Rock mx,ID in E  23332 
---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1244- 6209.5- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Pamela 16/11  Pop mx,ID in E(tent.) 
22232  ---PECOLATTO, Italy/Radiorama Pirate News November #  3

1300- 11940.30- CAMBODIA- National Voice of Cambodia, Phnom Penh,
11940.30, 14/11, 13:00 female speaker in presumed Vietnamese, Cambodian
folk music, SINPO 34333 ---SCHAAY,The Netherlands 

1309- 10059.7- VIETNAM- Hanoi 1   1309-1315   Beautiful Vietnamese
music, short announcements by female speaker, talk. Had to listen in
LSB, due to RTTY-QRM in USB. SINPO: 24433 ---VELDHUIS, The Netherlands
NOV 14

1413- 9230- CLANDESTINE- V.O. Free Eritrea, *1413-1420, OC on at 1413,
3+1 long time ticks at 1413 followed by M w/what sounded like an ID and
anmnt in AR. Koran 1414-1417, then M in AR w/mx bridges sev. times, and
into lcl mx. Signal is strong w/low audio. If audio was at a decent lvl,
could prob. ID this easily. Hrd yesterday as well but just missed s/on
then. ---VALKO,  USA 16 Nov.)

1415- 9230- SUDAN- Voice of Free Eritrea, Unidentified, 14/11, 14:15
presumed this one, at 14.15 UTC suddenly on with folk music, male
speakers, shaky modulation and suffering from  radioteletype
interference, SINPO 23332 ---SCHAAY, The Netherlands

1422- 5005.04- NEPAL- Radio Nepal, Khumaltar   1422-1426   Male speaker
with news, sports and weather in English, ID. SINPO: 24432  
---VELDHUIS, The Netherlands NOV 11
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