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Dear friends, I don't know what I did yesterday but
my posting was a complete disaster!. I'm sorry. Please
excuse me. These are the same logs but format corrected.

LOGS from Madrid, Spain by Mauricio Molano
ANT: loop 1 m. not amplified

16-Nov. 1997

00.34  1700  WCMQ, Miami, spanish songs with
             many ID's. Good signal

00.44  1500  YVRZ Radio 2000 + WTOP. Both with
             strong signal.

00.52  1420  YVNZ Maracaibo, with "Corrida de toros
             desde la Plaza Monumental de
             Maracaibo". Good signal.

01.10  1350  WEGA, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Adv.
             break on Baseball Match.

01.25  1390  WXTC, Charleston, ID as "WBUB". Fair.

01.39  1560  WQEW, N.Y., + UNID with religious talk in

02.22   700  CHSJ, St. John, adv., ID, and more music. Good

02.59  1560  Now the religious spanish is over WQEW. Exact
             frequency is 1559,98. Promo for new programs
             performed by 2 speakers (man and woman):
             "...disfrute y participe en la nueva
             programación  de la Poderosa K-70...".
             The K letter pronounced in english.
             At 03.00 while recovering from a fade out
             I heard "This is W...." follow by "Esta
             es La Poderosa K-70...", then a musical brigde
             and a program in portuguese. The female
             speaker clearly said "K-6-70".
             MORE on 17-NOV.

16.00  1431  The Brezze (480w. Rayleigh) + Classic Gold
             (140w.! Reading). Both ID'ing just before the
             network news.

17.35  1566  AIR-Nagpur. End of english news and ID:
             "Akashvani Delhi" then talk in indi. Strong

17.46  1530  VOA-Sao Tomé. Reading mail from Mozambique.
             Very good.

19.17   702  TRT-2, Catalca. // 180 Polatli. 702 good, 180

19.23   189  RAI Caltanissetta, children songs program, adv.

19.51  1566  Iran dominating the channel with a monster

17 NOV. 1997

01.00   700  UNID. religious in english. No legal ID.

01.02   700  WLW, fading in with promo.

01.07   760  HJAJ RCN-Barranquilla, adv., promo. Strong

01.12  1560  2 spanish talk stations. One faded out quickly
             leaving alone the other on exact 1559,98 KHz
             (same as 16-Nov) but with political talk: "...la
             política de aquí de Miami..". At 02.25 they were
             interviewing a male singer. At the end they
             played the song "Cuando salí de Cuba". And at
             02.30 Legal ID in english: "This is WWFE, 6-70
             AM, Miami, Florida...". So, Is this WRHC
             simulcasting with WWFE?.

03.58   760  WJR, adv. and ID. Fair signal.

04.03  1350  LS6 R. Buenos Aires, religious prog. The host
             man has a very strong brasilian-portuguese
             accent. Good signal.

16.00  1521  China Radio Int., Xinjiang, heard IS while
             triying to catch UK's "Fame 15-21". Saudi Arabia
             nulled with loop pointing UK.

16.03  1521  Fame 15-21 (640w. Reigate). End of news, jingle
             for weather forecast and "Let's groove" by "E.
             W. & Fire".


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