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Hello DXers!

Received today Radio San Marino Int. color QSL-letter, Nr. 000006, postmarked in San Marino, with fine stamp:
To Mr. Christoph Ratzer-Austria
This confirm your reception report of October 19th, 09.25 UTC on the frequency of kHz 11410 USB. It was the first test transmission of RSMI from the territory of the Republic of San Marino with the power of 0,3 kW and inverted-V antenna. Best regards from Radio San Marino International
S. Gasperoni - G.E.

RSMI c/o PLAY DX, Via Davanzati N. 8 20158 Milano or
RSMI P.O.Box 411131 55068 Mainz, Germany

RSMI@xxxxxxxxxxxx - www.exactweb.com/RSMI

"Thank you" Dario for the relay service!

A new "official" BC country?

73 from Salzburg

        ** Wanted WRTH: 1970, 1966, 1965, 1963 and before 1955 **

                              Rx: WJ HF 1000
                              Kiwa Loop, LWs 

User:  I installed Windows 95.       Kunde: Ich habe Windows 95 installiert.
Hotline: So how can we assist you?   Hotline: Wie können wir Ihnen helfen?
User: Nothing works as it should.    Kunde: Jetzt läuft nichts mehr richtig.
Hotline: You already mentioned that. Hotline: Das sagten Sie bereits...
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